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PayPal Question.

This is a discussion on PayPal Question. within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by Proximus+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Proximus)</div> Originally posted by karysa @ <!--QuoteBegin-PADDY lol... have you ever considered that they have your ...
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    Originally posted by Proximus+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Proximus)</div>
    Originally posted by karysa@


    have you ever considered that they have your bank account details and thus address and everything else they need to hang you from a washing line by your scrotum?

    Did you guys miss the part about him being a minor? I dunno the laws in canada, but in the US he can't be touched. In fact, in the US his parent's could sue Paypal.

    *To clarify, in the US a minor cannot be commited to any sort of contract involving USD.. For example, a minor cannot buy a car from a lot, and if a lot sell's a minor a car without parent's consent, they can be sued.
    Lmao. sue paypal,,, paypal would sue the parents for letting a minor use paypal in the first place <_< ^_^[/b]
    Paypal is the one responsible for verifying the age of it's users, not his parent's.

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    I cant be touched, here in canada, you kill someone and you're major, you're not even going to jail for more than 3 years... and i'm fucking minor, and it's not even a violent crime.

    so yeah lol...good luck paypal, and that's true... they're supposed to verify my age.

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    umm... thats a load of bs right there. You kill someone in canada ( and unless you admit to it ) your going away for a nice little while, not 3 years.

    And just because your a minor, it doesnt make you free of anything. There are laws for minors as well, and variations of laws for adults which can be used against minors. Myself, I wasn't verified ( fully, no cc on paypal ) and after a chargeback I had Paypal phoning me for my money ( the bank account on my paypal didn't even exsist anymore ) and it led to a collection agency calling my house ( I picked up, but nobody answered ) after that happened, I asked around to see if anyone could send me temporary funds to get paypal off my ass, I was lucky enough to be able to get that done.

    You dont need to be 18 to use paypal, you just need either a CC ( your parents ), or a bank account ( chequing ) which will vary from banks, I made my pp account when I was 16, other banks let you make those types of accounts at younger ages

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