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same happened to me with a turk, but not for the reason as you, and to all accusing him of cheating/macroing stfu, he macroed with jynxcie, satan, and some other people like 8 months ago FOR ONE HOUR, got 15% exp to level from 49.85 to 50, something like that, and i know devile can check this, before he got banned.

he doesnt scam, hack, dupe or anything, just macroed with them for about an hour, maybe less, and got banned for it. And he didnt even have the hack at first, they told him where to get it and stuff. add me on msn to find out more - [email protected] or you can vj - [email protected] i guess hell explain aswell..

thats about it, funny how you guys jump on people for stuff like that LMFAO, go pay usd for items.
another person standing up for macro. gg.

and i can talk all i want since i dont babashop or macro or scam or anything.