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This is a discussion on People's thoughts within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Imo , trustworthy doesn't have anything with it . For example ... u have 3-4 no +1 reb raptors .. ...
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    Imo , trustworthy doesn't have anything with it . For example ... u have 3-4 no +1 reb raptors .. and one regular+1 with poison .. put them all together with same price .. when possible buyer switch from one to other .. for possibility of visual bug u can trick him .. and there is nothing wrong with this.Thats whats market is for ... to trick ppl (don't mean scam or selling duped items by this ) . Not all ppl farm and do boss hunts and stuff .. but playing with market can be really fun for a change .. About talia ... who cares .. u take responsability before u click "Ok" .[/b]
    Its a bug abuse. Same as dupe & all others...

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    If someone buys a product without checking them item beforehand its his/her fault. Saying if people like this are trustworthy is kinda stupid cause everyone has done it at one stage (either by accident or on purpose). People will do anything for a buck and if you are gullible enough to actually buy it for the wrong price too bad... you learnt a valuable lesson.

    I dont think it has a bearing on trustworthiness because if someone buys like a talia +0 from you its nothing to do whether u r trustable its to do with them being silly enough to actually buy it.

    Thats just my view. B)

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