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PETITION: Carnac east for TURK // Carnac West for rest of the WORLD

This is a discussion on PETITION: Carnac east for TURK // Carnac West for rest of the WORLD within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; when k2 saw the potential in turkish players playing ko they could only see YTL (turkish $) in their eyes ...
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    when k2 saw the potential in turkish players playing ko they could only see YTL (turkish $) in their eyes and didnt care about the "english" quitters.

    now they 'try' to make it up for it, but thats a very LAME attempt.

    i dunno if we should stay here or just wait for the next one.

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    its seems like it changed now. after i got lvl 31 :P
    i tried to relog (see why i can make permium) i found out that i cant connect anymore to the east and i gotta start new one at west.

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    you have no idea.

    lets say turks dont exist, then slowly but surely knight online would still grow only without turks..
    what happened now is that the turks drove the others away. this could have been a really popular game all over the world not just 1 country.

    if you are a newcomer to this game you wont stay longer then 5 minutes becausse of the languance. lets say it was all english then people would have stayed.. might even asked why they like it and them lvl a char up to try it themselfs.[/b]
    Actually, if I would be a newcomer, I'd stay anyways, just as many newcomers obviously do or there wouldn't be so many playing this atm...besides, if turkish players wouldn't be here, then to make some profit, K2 would slowly turn USKO into another MYKO, and soon you'd see armors and weapons being sold at PUS.

    While in KO, K2 had banned all turkish IPs, dunno why, but got so many reports complaining at the BBB that they had to unban soon as KE was released the ban was too, so the turkish guys could join soon as that happened, USKO got flooded by people, not fact, if there were no turks (which are 80%+ population of the whooooole server) there wouldn't even be 5 servers atm and maybe, just maybe, there wouldn't be so many features in game (in fact, I'm almost sure we would still be playing RoFD instead of Moradon Resurrection).

    Now, talking about the cheating...cheating is everywhere, no matter what, you can find it in real life, and you'll find it in a virtual game...every single MMORPG has cheaters, unfortunately, this is one in which the admins do absolutely nothing against it because is just business. Korean, Kapanese and Chinese KO had cheaters also from the beginning, and they still have and will have, no matter what, and it is not because of the turks, because they are not everywhere in those servers, it is just because cheaters are not stopped by the "security program" so there's no point complaining if you'll only get them banned and the next day they'll be there showing up with a new nickname, cheating at the same spot they were the day before.

    About Knight Online growing...well, let me tell you that the game has been corrupted from the roots even before turks came in, so in my very personal and honest opinion, growing wouldn't be something I could expect from this game...I've been playing it since 2004 and I'm still waiting for it to grow...but nothing happens.

    PS: hey 0000000 it's true...before KE there was movement at CZ, I was there, not the whole time, but there...but you must remember also, that KO was much much smaller than what it is now talking about ingame territory, lvling and could still walk with no lag by moradon, the whole day, but tell me, thinking about business...would it have been succesful enough to compete against WoW, GuildWars, L2, RuneScape or any other MMORPGs obviously much better designed just staying that way? Remember also, that if there hadn't been because of the combo bug there wouldn't be so much attention over this game, because PvP system would be just same as every other single MMORPG in there.

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    LoL jack just doing his job ^^

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    Nice post Shylah.

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    your TV


    i wonder if k2 makes this to see how many % of turkey buys premium, and how many % of the rest of the world.

    and don't tell me they don't need to do that to see it, they're noobs^^

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