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I still like my KO Utopia idea better. *Solves 2 problems in 1:

New server that at the 1st of each month resets all players back to lvl 1 noob but keep the NP they had. *Raise XP to 2x or so and PKPKPKPKPKPK! *Also, remove eslant, eslant is teh gay. *That, my friend, is a PK server. *All lvl 70s? *That wont get boring in like 30 seconds. *Now u got constant 'new servers' for new server hoppers and u gotta dupe wipe every month guaranteed to wipe every duped item.
Still gay, how about they just implement a little piece of .. what's it called these days .. ... code ! that says that 2 items with the same ID are impossible and get deleted automaticly (except for the first one).