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Please help me, i am duper

This is a discussion on Please help me, i am duper within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; duuh,... honey what are u smoking? cause i'd like some......
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    honey what are u smoking?
    cause i'd like some...

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    Just do something else with your time if it's taken you this long to reach lvl 50. I'm a slow lvl'er too but I just use ko as an exuse to talk to my friends in vent and lvl with them too. I've never had a 60 but I haven't been playing that long either. You should either get some lvl 60 friends you can leech off of their CZ Golemns or just stop playing. I BMX too and do various other things. Don't get so uptight about what they think. They aren't going to take what you say seriously so what's the point of argueing?

    I find ko fun when all my friends are on; otherwise, I just do something else with my friends that don't play ko all day. In about a week I'm going to have spike. I'm leader of a decent lvl 50+ clan. I had a good friend get me 95% in 5 hours. All we did was talk the whole time. Most fun I had all week, best part is him lvling me saved me a week of my life.

    There is no guide to life either. Just do what feels right for you and don't care what others say about you useless it's advising.

    Just play on HUMAN olympia and I'll help you reach lvl 60 if you help me.

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    doesnt matter, im quitting

    word to the wise:
    shaxrak is a faggot

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    Originally posted by sweetums
    ^ i didnt say i have been...
    i said around 1 1/2 years
    and i also said
    ive had over 30-40 chars that ive played
    and i also said, i stopped playing for about 6 months

    add that up, and u get lvl 53
    also, i have said, once i hit 51, i start dying like a bitch
    level 63 > 4000*level 53 characters

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    Then we tell ppl dont talk about Turks.You go on duping .Shame on you!
    YOu are not Turk!.TURKS HAVE HONOR!.Pls pls pls..

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    sweetums aka fbmderek when are you going to stop getting owned in forums?

    For as long as I've "known" you all I ever see is you getting flamed for the stupid comments you make.

    You've already been banned from the officials ( I almost was because of what I said to you ) and it looks like your close to being banned from these.

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