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    Originally posted by Diphosgene
    how many of our forum members are "senior" ?
    i cant answer that. I was just pointing out that what is bad for some may be good for others. Everyone needs to be accountable for their own actions, Dont blame the activity that you choose to pursue as the root of your problems when self control would have prevented the problem.
    cause and not go to work to play game = get fired, do not study to play game = poor grades, ect,etc.....
    In every case where the outcome was negative your post was trying make you come to the conclusion that it is the fault of the games themselves rather than the fact that the person had a choice of doing what needed to be done or what they wanted to do and all made poor choices. Its sad that people look for excuses rather than dealing with their problems.

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    Originally posted by gyrn
    I could tell you a sad story about how I lost my wife because I played to much Counter Strike or how I am married to my soul mate because of KO. If you think real friends are different from cyber friends you are fucked up. There is only 2 real differences. Your distance and/or your limited pocket book. The bottom line is.... life is what you make of it. If you really like a cyber life then by all means live it. What the hell makes a good job or a great wife the measure of life. Sports and work can be just as bad as this shit.... how many people have lost there wife or life becuase of there job or because of sports or spending to much time with friends. It all depends on what you want out of life. I don't want a "good job". Good jobs require you to work more hours and spend less time doing the things you want to do. One day instead of watching a basket ball game you will be watching 411 pk on a big ass screen with a bunch of friends. There is already a Cyber Athletes League.

    Live life the way you want to live it and do what makes you happy. A cyber life can bring just as much joy and memories as real life.
    How much different is it for a CEO to rack up a billion for a company than it is for you to be the richest player in KO. If your life is a cyberlife then you have achieved just as much as the CEO.

    Remember the first time you walked outside of Breth and saw someone provoking the whole field of monsters and then AOEing..... Tell me that doesn't invoke memories of good times. Same feelings are there just interacted a different way.
    As for this being a bad PVP game.... I have found no other games that have what I like in a game. I play mostly because of my friends and family that play this game and will continue to play until it isn't fun anymore.

    The only thing this game is lacking is a decent host.
    You sir are a winner - Id personally like to thank you for an educated thought out post!!!

    To follow it up, he makes some good points, Life is what you make it - NEVER EVER say you wasted time because not one second is wasted. Yeah some people might regret "wasting" their time on this game, but its not wasted lessons are learned, memories gained etc etc. It all depends on your outlook on life.... personally id rather be the CEO than #1 in game but thats only because the same isnt gonna buy me my sports car

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