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The Point OF View of Many People

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    Sorry Knight Online GMS and Fans.. But over 2007 ive been talking to lots and lots of people which played knight online, I started in January and i just finished in September and this is the Truth, if you dont want to believe in it than that is your problem.. this is the way how things are going..

    I quitted Knight Online for a year.. and now i am back, look..

    Knight Online is getting boring and a waste of money.. why?
    Because you buy premium, i dont buy it is a rip off it says it is a free game but until certain time you can log on.. that aint a free game, you can only log on about 5 hours, and if you exit and log on again.. you cant.. why? cus of the premium thing.. so you waste your money because you loss days of premium, with the maintainance or whatever, the updates, the dcs, and server full thing.

    The year i didn't play knight online.. i played Guild Wars, Call Of Duty, and now 2Moons came out so i tried it out.
    you have gold premium.. you pay over 28 dolars every month..

    I really recommend you Guild Wars.. you buy the game, there are 4 chapters now.. which are Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North.
    so they have different prices.. but once you buy it you dont have to pay anything anymore..

    Better Gaphics, Way Bigger Maps, together the 4 chapers there are about 10 types of what you can be.
    Everyone thinks that Guild Wars is the suckiest game ever.. Its is the best Role Playing game ive ever played.
    But it kicks ass..
    There aren't no cheats.. Gms are on all the time, and there are severs for each continent.. one America, which everyone speaks english there of course.

    my point is.. Knight Online is not the only cool game.. and is not cool anymore.. Knight Online Can Be Better If they wouldn't force people to buy premium so they could play the game.. i know they want to get a proffit out of a game they made.. but it is really going over the line. Knight Online is not a game for people who speak english.. Knight Online is Owned by many turks.. and countries in asia.. But really.. Knight Online Forces People To Buy Premium so they can play the game the have always played and been having fun in it.. i admit it.. It WAS the coolest game ever for me.. It WAS a good game to play.. and It WAS an English Speaking game.. But None of those are left now..

    Here are the 3 Main Web site of Guild Wars.

    I Think i could get banned for this and maybe i am.. but sincerely it is not only my point of view.. But From Many Old Good Players..

    Thanks and Sorry Knight Online Team.. with all my respect to you. good efford, but for english speaking people And adults.. is not a good game to play anymore

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    I'm going to lock this, but you can repost it in the Guild Wars section (scroll down towards the bottom a bit).

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    I have such a strong temptation to unlock this, pin this, and make it an announcement :<


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