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Poll: What is the best class

This is a discussion on Poll: What is the best class within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by ScreameR It's a matter of using decent wisely, in Anatolia i can drop a warrior when he's ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScreameR View Post
    It's a matter of using decent wisely, in Anatolia i can drop a warrior when he's fully duffed in 2 hit with my rogue and i'm not as much geared as some of my clannies are.
    If you talk about a class being full duffed, warrior would still be most tanky class out of all... except from a priest.
    so still dis-agree on your opinion about playing passion warrior with alot of care because you are squishy..
    Only noob warriors are squishy, or full AP ofcourse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTickler View Post
    If you talk about a class being full duffed, warrior would still be most tanky class out of all... except from a priest.
    so still dis-agree on your opinion about playing passion warrior with alot of care because you are squishy..
    Only noob warriors are squishy, or full AP ofcourse.
    I never said a warrior is squishy or any other class, i just said passion warriors are less tanky than normal warriors because of the AC drop when you use the berserk skill. All i said is that i can drop a warrior within 2 hits if he's fully duffed like i can do to any other class when they're fully duffed, so no i don't consider a warrior ''squishy''.

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    balance tier list:

    1. Warrior - Almost non existent gap between its initial skill floor and skill cap other than proper descent usage (combo isn't exclusive to this class so it doesn't apply). It's kinda insulting how little effort this class requires to be used at a top level. It's only weakness is that it's reliant on support to not die horribly, but in MGame's Party Online that's never an issue.

    Overtuned, overpowered, effortless. Broke the risk / reward meter a long time ago. Despite not having any supportive abilities, the sheer amount of stats and threat level that they carry is enough to be #1.

    2. Assassin - Sins have pretty much every tool needed to be the ultimate pvp class. They are considered to be hard to play but in reality looking past the 'overwhelming' amount of buttons needed in a combo (less than mages'), you come to notice that in real party PK situations you don't actually need to be consistent beyond the CPDURATIONSPIKEBLINDTHRUST rotation that comes up every 40 seconds. Their weakness is their melee range coupled with their low stats (compared to a warrior), easily made up by their versatility, mobility, healing, solo capabilities, support capabilities, utility (drains, illusion) and the "I win" button that is critical point.

    Poorly designed 70+ skills, gigantic mana pool and RNG implementation multiple times in their arsenal (illusion, weapon cancel, cp, blinding) make this a very broken class, only outclassed by warriors.

    3. Priests (INT) - The staple of any party. You can have a party without sins, or warriors or mages but not without a priest unless you don't plan on engaging an even numbered battle against anyone worth a damn. No weaknesses.

    Priests sit at the middle of the tier, they're not really overpowered or underpowered or have cheesy mechanics (other than lolsubsidespam) and they're always a must-have in any party.

    4. Support mage - The easy mode version of a mage. You could only use Summon Friend out of the 50+ skills that a mage has and you would be just as useful as the other shield wearing midget in the other party. With all the time in the world to worry about who to TP out (since the only other skills you spam off cooldown are aoe's and the cheesy Freezing Distance) the only thing you have to look out for are the hordes of rabid enemies anxious of sending you back to base. Weakness? Not really. Just heavily party reliant.

    Just like paper anything, I don't think slapping all the armor / HP on while giving up any kind of offense was the intended design for this class. Above average and desirable in any party composition.

    5. Archer - All the healing, support and mobility shenanigans from the rogue class without the burst. Instead you get some nice range that, ironically enough, isn't from where you deal the most damage. What's the advantage that has an archer over an assassin? RNG based crowd control, ranged cancels against mages / duffs, styx (in a world of 10k mana pools) and I guess style points. With cooldown on the archer's main damaging combo, cancelling heals is now more complicated just like it is to reliably kill foes that are nice enough to not constantly move sideways when fighting you (you cannot hope to kill those that do).

    A mostly offensive class that has less DPS than warriors, less burst than sins and less supportive capabilities than a priest. All traded in exchange for some range / kiting. A class with a killing potential on par or even lower than a fire mage. Way too outclassed and only viable for cheese archer parties or masochists that love a challenge because they don't know any better.

    6. Mage - Mage how it's supposed to be played, to nuke people! A lot harder to play since you gotta mix up damage with support and more skills than even a sin (although 50% of them are always unused in a real fight). This kind of mages tend to just form mage parties because who in their right mind would add one of these instead of a gab's adamant tanky one?

    Only viable in mage parties. Multiple weaknesses inherent to the mage class with not enough melee party backup in the world to possibly make them work. They're fun though,

    7. BP - A class that used to be popular back in the day. Now it's nothing more than a burden to everyone, even to their own players. To make a battle priest work you need to find a perfectly balanced build (no other class has a tradeoff between damage and survivability, and if they do it's optional), acquire top items and master the class, at least if you want to actually have fun and not just donate your national points to the overly enthusiastic enemies that will always focus you (I always get excited to face one!). Weaknesses? Predictable, slow, squishy, low threat level, #1 focus fire target, heavy money requirements, etc.

    Lower damage than warriors, squishier than warriors, clunky cast times not allow a smooth combat, zero mobility despite being mostly a solo class, easy to run away from. Can only be desired in a party where you already have other 2 priests, as a backup support hybrid, low stats allow to get cc'd easier than normal. Underpowered, then again it's not a real class.

    So IMO the only horribly UP class is BP, followed by archer. Normal mages and priests are balanced while warriors and sins are disgustingly overpowered.

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    Best class? BP.
    Best class in USKO? Probably warrior or sin.

    in servers with older versions where BP is still viable it's by far the most interesting class to play. It's one of the only classes that can pull off even 5v1 against people with close to same gear.
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    Warriors are easy as they have good hp and def not very many skills to worry about where priest and rogue need 2+ pages. I think best class is more preference tbh depends on what you like

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    Archer party with communication is so OP

    So much fun though, I will never forget having 6 guys with +8 and up windforce's destroying people before they could even get to us.

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    If you're talking about 19xx servers ! Sins are OP

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    is this really happening?

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