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Possible to play this game and ever be competitive

This is a discussion on Possible to play this game and ever be competitive within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by Buttkicker So yah you could do that while k0xp earns that in max a week. I know ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttkicker View Post
    So yah you could do that while k0xp earns that in max a week.
    I know craplotters :d but some mags do it fair (me too ;p )
    1lvl - chaos, because you cant go one char more then 1 time per day so just make 1 lvl and go later him ;p
    about Ft its ofc 46?-59 and 60 +

    We don't talk about k0xp, just legal game for him

    Quote Originally Posted by Surgeon View Post
    Dont mention that 100 wins from ED will take ages ....Hmm let me think last win i made wos huh 1 week ago full noobs.Forget about warrior u cant gear it and it sux.
    100 ed and ages? lol - 30-60 time one mount so 3 mounts its 90-180 , he no need fast win 100 i just told him he can go ed then when make dlvl 78 lvl he can sell it and buy outher 80.

    You are unlucky Im winn my last 3 or 4ed on hum side.

    and It isn't babashops for me.
    Pay for game 50-200$, then sell all what you have for same or more its beter then buy a basketball and play in your free time, because you cant sell this ball later. ;p
    But its 1000% better to spend free time out in the fresh air like play basketball but you can play the ball a friend
    I know it does not make sense, but I want to explain why I think that it is not babashop.

    for me:
    Babashop who buy +9/3 and items for lot $$
    not babashop who buy basic char with some gbs for free time.

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    Well.. I know you say no private servers, but old school ko is more active than many servers... Also everyone has the same chance..

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    Quote Originally Posted by lSpikesl View Post
    Well.. I know you say no private servers, but old school ko is more active than many servers... Also everyone has the same chance..
    I downloaded and dc'd three times in two minutes. Not going to give that another try. Private servers for any game always have connectivity issues or DDOS problems. :\

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    Well I guess if you get an active clan that does krowaz a bunch and boss runs etc. u should be able to gear up. Then again older servers have +10s which you won't be making yourself by just farming so I guess it would take a year or two to accomplish decent gear.

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    well euko seems different.. even thought there are ALOT of babas around u can still be decent with +7's and old uniques.. if you want to be decent and enjoy the game u don't really need to baba.. if u want to be top.. its another story

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    you need to babashop impossible have fun without buy items,i mean these days u need to,its not like old times anymore they took attila away from emc and now to kill boss in eslant/cz you need a full party some server iron neck worth 50gb imagine you drop iron neck (witch is hard) and split with 8 people,so bro if you cant baba better not waste your time in usko because i will not have any fun

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    You can't expect not to baba and be good geared / crazy geared right away... It takes time. In C West I started from the begining and it took me and my friend like 1 and half year to get our uniques +2/+3 (and we didn't start in a GG clan).

    Just get a bunch of friends who are active, and are willing to farm, and do it. Do ED everyday, Chaos everyday, and then you can farm for Krowaz or Ancient Tribes, do Eslant runs for bosses, remember CZ's boss monu time and come back every hour for it... You gotta put some work if you wanna have a gear without paying $$

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamianFeria View Post
    Without babashopping?

    Will it just take alot of time but is doable?

    I am not looking to be the best, I know I won't be on this game. My favorite thing to do is Forgotten Temple. But I also like pvp(this game is one of the few I have not been a good pvper on)

    I think I want to play a warrior. What server should I play on if I want the best chance to play from scratch?

    Not interested in any private servers. Thank-you for your time.
    you can make it on any server with a bit of luck to be honest, you can start an account on any server and in one day have 100m+ to get you started which isn't terrible(ik from experience i have done it several times)

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    In euko u have special mobs that can get u started. Halftrollwarrior and deathwizard drop alot of items that sell for 60k+ that can get u some starting money if you have the patience. In cz u have apos of cold that drop blessed upgrade scrolls.
    Then with the money u can buy basic gear and farm krowaz with clan and use the BUS's to upgrade them and sell till u have enough money to buy or make gear and uniques.

    Uniques+0-1 are enough in euko since its hard to make +3 with breakchance. My friend pk's in cz with just a md+8 and shells+7 old uniques and he does fine.

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    if u wanna spend some time u can be , if u get lucky at anvil u can be competeive in 2 days

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    Of course it's possible, anything is possible. But when you make a cost-benefit analysis you realize that if you have a job earning more than $0.05/hour it is beneficial to babashop.

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    i was babashoping in usko some years ago, but since euko is lunched all i payed for was just premium service.
    The key point was: to be one of the first 80lvls on server to kill bosses faster and avoid KS on aoc's(ronark land)
    also you need at least 3-4 friends who are same fast as you.
    you just need 1-2 months time and u need a new lunched server.

    I'm not advertising my videos i just want to show you what you can do just with playing quick and with the right people:

    This is when Krowaz got enabled. (in 1 week time)

    You can also find some other videos from begin of the server till now on my channel.

    and this is how i look now

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    bro its not that hard anymore..i have like 10gbs of items or less..on my mage and its all good...half my armors ive made wen i had no money...

    30m each chitin rev +1 = 150m...a staff 250m...= +7 scorching or even less 140m chaotic 120m oasis +7 // pair of olds..30m frsx2 old ep 60m old skelly60m old sse's x2..20m

    and ur set...or even have same stuff and 50m on shells...its not much all u need is a clan and some small items...

    ull gear up in time once u know what ur doing not at beggining...even babaing now is cheap with 10-15gbs u have ur char set and with like 20 gbs u have a decent lvl 80...c-west all broke now prices low...just boss hunt and farm and ull get stuff..

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