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    Hi guys,

    I went to know if some of you have been experiencing the same thing than me.

    Since the new moradon expansion, I have participated in 8 border wars.

    Out of those 8 border wars, 6 times I have went against the same user (SocialD). The 2 times she wasn't there, and I verified it, it was because she wasn't online.

    My brother have been experiencing the same thing but with the user n0rbit.

    Can coincidence happen so often?

    Did some of you experience this also? Or am I just imagining things?

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    During the BDW's I've been in I can say I see 1 or more PPL from the last one, now that I think of it

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    I've been to a bunch of those, but didn't notice any of those orcs repeating.
    My guess is just coincidence (and probability)

    Say 96 orcs and 96 humans sign up for it ... then u'll have 192 ppl in that war ... means u'll have 12 mini-wars with 2 x 8 ppl parties each.
    If human "H" and orc "O" both sign up for it, chances they'll end up fighting each other are then 1 in 12.
    This is really low (8.3%) ... but not impossible.
    There's also the fact that BDW tries to make the parties having 2 of each class in each (2 priests+2 rogues+2 warriors+2 mages) ... so the actual chances become higher, and depend also on the classes of the ppl signing up for them.
    AND there might also be other factors I don't know about, like for example it wouldn't surprise me KO would try to match levels too, kinda "balance" the parties, beeing I did notice most of the times there's a weak sin and a strong sin ... a weak warrior and a strong one ...

    NVM the mumbling, I still think it's just a coincidence.


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