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question about lyacon totamic build

This is a discussion on question about lyacon totamic build within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I fought a warrior with a lycaon ham+8/+8 tot, 1 lvl higher then me and I couldn't believe how close ...
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    I fought a warrior with a lycaon ham+8/+8 tot, 1 lvl higher then me and I couldn't believe how close he came to beeting me...I have like 5900 hp while he had only 4700 hp and lower ap...but I reply on ks for my nps so higher damage=raptor/giga is my weapon choice
    It is an interesting build though ;o

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    Alright, thanks for the Advice Majix

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    The highest hp abs I have seen is a bone crusher +6. I use lycoan build cause I got pissed hmm xp and spend 30 mil in pots aday or farm to spend 30 mil in pots aday. Or exp use no mana and either xp or pk on my spare time. I used to solo deru with hp and mp abs at 63. the only pots I used were the 3 to get started.
    but that was a +8 plate build and a str bonus on near 200 with gain. My ap dual weild is 22xx depending on what I kill. Clannie is 1 lvl higher with a rapotor +8 lower str bonus he hits 200 More on a TC.

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    Elmoira u r wrong this time.....with lycon hammer and tota u have more advantige than warrior who dont use mp recovery.... why ???? BECOUSE warrior who use mp recovery like lycon DONT USE MANA only Hp pots......and that mean that he will use 3 hp pots till another warrior use only 1 or iff he is lucky 2

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    is it just me or does this guy claim to be able to beat warriors that are lower level than him in every post??? of course at level 78 you should be able to crash a lvl 74... though i do understand the build completely and i also think it is awesome for levleing and perhaps some party PK i think as a solo PK 1v1 you would get dealt by any warrior with your same level.

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    Sorry but anyone who posts that lycaon build is bad 1v1 obviously knows nothing about warrior. The entire reason warriors die is because of the need to mana pot. I've used lycaon since lv 70 back in KE and theres not a warrior or rogue that can beat me 1v1 on olympia with equivilant gear. Its also fine in group pk as well since your priests don't have to spend as much time healing you as they do other members of your party since you have the abilty to sit around and spam hp pots.

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