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Random Party CZ drops?

This is a discussion on Random Party CZ drops? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; take the drop and get the hell out of there xD i been in random party, we kill SQ and ...
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    take the drop and get the hell out of there xD

    i been in random party, we kill SQ and it dropped in

    guy just run away

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    Do not pk whit turks, they are not good at this game and you get more npīs solo. Itīs not worth argue about items so just share whit the party or put it in the clanbank if itīs a clanparty.[/b]
    and u are full off bullshit

    saying that all turks suck and so on
    there are always good and bad but saying all are bad is just making me laugh nothing moore

    and for me
    ppl i know is a split dont care if there non clannies
    clan used to be clan item untill decided we would sell and split
    unknow noobie who is in party usualy a little bit off money and say to him he should be happy to get that instead of nothing so he wont bother u then

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    Do a hit and run

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    Clannie = Share
    All others = Take it and bb.

    Come on, why the hell I'd share a drop with randoms when same guys wouldn't do it for me either?

    I know how greed is. And I love it.[/b]
    BINGO! I completely agree h34r:

    C'mon guys, in a fair world we all would share the drops, but this is KO, there's no fairness at all anymore, every single person got its own back now, so even between clanies they steal their own drops...if it was my old clan, I'd share, 'cause they all were IRL friends, if not sorry, but if I'm just in a party for PK and get a boss drop, the drop goes to the one that got it. I know most of u say u'd share thinking about ur clanies or friends as "randoms" but face it guys, how many of u would actually share a drop gone to you while PKing? -_-

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    Any clannies in the party who helped kill it would get a split. Any randoms wouldn't get anything, but anyone we pk with a lot (even if their not in clan) we would give them a small split.

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    like the other guy said, if ur not in a clan party or with friends, fuck the rest[/b]

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