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Rate this computer.

This is a discussion on Rate this computer. within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; As a laptop, pretty good...for gaming its kinda average and expensive for what your getting...
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    As a laptop, pretty good...for gaming its kinda average and expensive for what your getting

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    Quote Originally Posted by dondergek View Post
    Toshiba and other highly reputable computer manufacturers all use Ausus OEM parts in their machines. If companies like that, whom have been in the business for years, use Asus in their machines then you know its a good brand. Asus is more on the gaming edge, consider them the new Alienware.

    Why are you having problems? It's a laptop. Honestly, laptops should never be used for gaming.

    Graphic cards on laptops are integrated onto the mother board. Technology will advance, unfortunately your laptop wont. I'm sure you know that the graphics card plays a major role in a gaming computer. Gordan Moore's law states that "that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits must double every 18 months". The current 'new' graphics cards will be replaced by even newer and better ones. Your 'Current' graphics card which is built in to your mother board and can not be removed will become obsolete.

    Then there are other things to consider like RAM. Desktops now a days can hold over 24gb of RAM and have tons of slots for them. A laptop has 2 RAM slots and a maximum of 8GBs of DDR3 RAM. Now do the math, 8/2=4. You need 2x 4GB RAM sticks that cost around $250.00 each, that's around 500 bucks to have what almost every desktop comes standard with. It's a lot cheaper to buy 4x 1GB RAM sticks than it is to buy a single stick.

    Then there is other shit like the power supply and processor in laptops to consider as well.

    Oh, as for the G73. I work as a Computer Sales Representative at BestBuy and I set up one of those on display. I load up new game releases on there for customers to demo ( I really did it for myself to play), for example I have Starcraft 2 up on it now. The Asus G73isn't that great by what I have witnessed.

    Go for a desktop.

    Just buy a good desktop mother board and upgrade it over time like I did. Build your own PC.

    I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 (12MB LR Cache), 4x 80gb SSD drives, 16GB Tri-Channel DDR3 SDRAM. All together its a really fucking expensive machine, but I paid for it over time when ever I had any spare money. If something new where to ever come out I can easily upgrade ( SSD drives I just added, man are those things fucking awesome), if you buy a gaming laptop you are going to pay $1,500.00 and be stuck with those specs for ever. You'll eventually need to buy a new one in a few years which will cost around the same amount.
    I want to give you an A+ for this. I did not get the computer. I will get a new one in six months when star wars the old republic comes out. Thank you for suggestions. I will go for a desktop. Can you recommend a place to buy desktop computers? I checked a few website and they were really pricey.

    I will try reaching you with PM when it is time to buy one.

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    Default (customize your PC) for ready to go PC and if building from scratch.

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    thats a sexy laptoppp A+

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    yo you should buy alineware m11x it takes only 1 sec to to log in ko realy fast and crazy.
    and also alineware pc are gg 30gb ram in noram pc

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