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Rate your skill as a ko player

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    Default Rate your skill as a ko player

    Rate your own abilities as a ko player. from 1 to 10! yes im bored.

    Here's the format : its composed of
    [general skill aspects] and [class specific aspects]

    Class: [insert class here]
    [General skill aspects]
    Timing ->
    Reaction ->
    Support ->
    Bravery ->
    Chaos skill ->
    Skill bar domination ->
    KSing skill ->
    Cheap strats ->

    [Insert Class defined aspects (listed below), in this case im a rogue]

    Combo speed ->
    Failure ->
    Solo skill ->
    Party / supportive skill ->
    Spike / archer town skill ->
    Survivability ->
    Usage of uncommon abilities ->

    Now ill explain each of the aspects

    General skill aspects

    Timing: What separates the clutch plays from the normal ones. a perfect duff, a perfect styx, a perfect light shock, party heal. also following duffs.
    How long before you realize you are being attacked, adapting to an unexpected event, knowing when to engage or retreat.
    / Teamwork: Do you minor heal your party members? give them FR even if they didnt ask? Swift / buff before they even tell you? Basically applies to the classes that can choose to support, or just go full on offensive (warrior cant do anything else than attacking and priest can only support. this applies for mages and rogues mostly)
    Do you town at the least sign of danger... or do you fight til the end and die? or maybe you're in the middle of those 2.
    Chaos skill:
    Top 3 everytime or are you the "chaos takes no skill" kind of guy that is always at the bottom?
    Skill bar domination:
    can you switch from f1 to f8 without much thought, using all your abilties in a perfect sync?
    KSing / last hitting skill:
    Are you good ksing at pk
    Cheap strats:
    Do you like to wear talias, use illusion in a vs, use ibex or abyss pots, wear DD in vs and such? how often? Rate yourself with a high value if you do this a lot.

    Class defined aspects

    1. Warrior

    Combo speed:
    Self explanatory
    How often do you fail your skills for going too fast? rate yourself higher if it happens often
    Party defense:
    Do you protect your priests / mages? descent to them? etc.
    Potting skill:
    If you run out of mana as a warrior at any given point you're doing it wrong. you should always have enough mana to cast another hell blade.

    2. Assassin / Archer

    Combo speed:
    Self explanatory -_-
    Failing skills for going too fast (for sins, archers close and long range) rate yourself higher if it happens often
    Solo skill:
    Can you go on your own and actually stay positive NP-wise?
    Party / Supportive skill:
    How well do you cure / minor your party?
    Spike / archer town skill:
    The secret is in doing it as much with a minimal amount of EXP loss.
    Minor healing in vs for sins or general survival to burst damage / curing / safety - evade usage etc.
    Usage of uncommon abilities:
    Illusion in a party v party situation on dat Cp sin, beast hiding as a escape ability, CP to survive (double hp pot), blind the guy on your mage, Drain a guy to get HP, Blow arrow, cats eye in solo pk, styx to some extent (met archers that dont even know about this item).

    3. Mage

    TP skills:
    same as "Timing" but more mage specific
    Usage of uncommon abilities:
    Thorn to heal, frozen barrier in unbuffed parties, gate to escape below 50% hp, regroup party scroll in bdw.
    Blade combo speed:
    self explanatory
    a mage is the #1 target, do you know how to position yourself in pk?

    4. Priest

    Curing speed:
    cure curse
    Healing effectiveness:
    good healer?
    Quick-buffing skill:
    cure + instabuff. predicting whether they were maliced or also parasited
    Usage of uncommon abilities:
    cure disease, restores, clear mana duffs, confusion.
    [paper BPs] Positioning:
    When to switch dat shield for your wep

    So here's mine:

    Class: Rogue / archer

    Timing -> 9/10
    Reaction -> 9/10
    Support -> 6/10
    Bravery -> 8/10
    Chaos skill -> 8/10
    Skill bar domination -> 10/10
    KSing skill -> 7/10
    Cheap strats -> 2/10

    Combo speed -> 9/10
    Failure -> 2/10
    Solo skill -> 10/10
    Party / supportive skill -> 6/10
    Spike / archer town skill -> 9/10 (archer)
    Survivability -> 9.5/10
    Usage of uncommon abilities -> 9/10
    You may post more [class specific aspects] if you play more than one class.


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    Class: Mage
    [General skill aspects]
    Timing -> 10
    Reaction -> 10
    Support -> 10
    Bravery -> 10
    Chaos skill -> 5 (new to this shit)
    Skill bar domination -> 10
    KSing skill -> 10
    Cheap strats -> 5

    TP skills: 10
    Usage of uncommon abilities:
    Blade combo speed:
    Positioning: 10

    Mage Average: 10

    Best mage bro... don't mess.

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    Oh this topic is gonna be fun!

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    Let the flames begin, typical undeez topic

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexDeSouza View Post
    Let the flames begin, typical undeez topic
    umadbrocuzuonlya3?Nahbcomeatmecuzimflyingskyhighbe yondthismotherfuckingtree.

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    almost as useless as the best DLW topic lol

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    HERPY DERPY I'll end this topic now before all the flames and idiocy and just summarize everyone's reply because everyone in KO has a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE ego:

    Every: 10
    Single: 10
    Category: 10


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