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Reason why you still play?

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    Hells Kitchen


    wow > ko

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    i dont play ko, i personally think think that gears of war is by far greater, and dont say its more expensive, cause for a lot of ko players its actually cheaper, and u might be able to go out and make money instead of sitting in a hole playing ko

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    i play at free times for sure i am not addicted, for this reason i never paid real life money or something for an unfair game...anyway playing with friends have some fun...nothing more

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    Default Re: Reason why you still play?

    Originally posted by Kailean+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Kailean)</div>
    I always wondered the reason why you still play. If we look at it you see cheating,babashopping,macroing and good knows what more shit theres out there to make life a pain in the ass for you legit guys. I can think of some reasons. Friends but are virtual friends that strong to keep you playing when real life friends are 1000x better. Some say they like the game, but hey is babashopping,cheating,glitching a.s.o. likeable?

    Some play cuz they wanna be lvl 80 but whats so fun to get lvl 80. I mean after you get 80 then what you gonna do? Keep pking till you number 1? Theres always someone beter then you face it. And theres always someone cheating that will get 80 in zero days and no effort. The GM's and respons time from CS are way to long and the only reason they keep going is cuz you like the shit that they creates.

    As long as you keep feeding them with money they keep feeding you with shit and you tend to like it so far. Is getting lvl 80 so fun that you can live with the fact that someone is prolly gonna hack you and srip your account and k2 gonna give you shell+3 and md's+3 as a equal gear to your lvl? If the hackers can hack into pentagon they can most likely hack your account.

    So why do you play?
    i play because i like my clannies and other people.
    i play because the pk is far better than in wow(and only pk <_< )
    i play because i can meet new people.
    i play because i love the feeling of looting some very special uniques
    i play because i always wanted to have an iron neck
    i play because IT GIVES ME FUN <-and this is, along with my clannies, the most important reason why i am still playing. if u dont like this game, dont play it.
    and such arguments like hackers can hack into pentagon.... are just funny, nothing more, nothing less. u think people playing wow dont hack blizzards db? they also do that, they get cool epic items, even gm items and sell it. its in all games.
    life is better than game? yes it is. u are right. but does it mean we cant play this game. an mmorpg is a "fictional life-like world" and it also brings us fun.

    assuming, ye u are right. k2 sux, real life is better than ko, hackers can hack k2 db(and they do it) but we still play the game. why? actually it still brings alot of fun and, finally, k2 made a patch that stopped koxp in cz for 1 month and it still does stop it. moreover, u can meet gr8 people from all around the world, even turks <_< , but some of them arent that bad... (only "some" [/b]
    For me a game must give me joy and thats the main reason why I play certain games, but Ko dont gives me that and thats why I wonder what you se in ko that gives you joy. And ofc ppl hack blizzard but the diffrence is Blizzards banns them perm so you dont se ppl macroing etc in wow for example but K2 lets hackers etc keep playing.

    Getting better items/lvl are the main reasons for you guys to keep playing?

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    Originally posted by Felix
    Because I blew my wadges on drink and drugs too quickly and have to wait untill payday before I can go out again!
    This sounds familiar... A few big nights out, then I look at my bank balance and think "oh, shit... well at least a fiver to play KO for another month makes for lots of cheap nights in"

    I'm gonna be making up a bunch of DCZ chars, get them to 59 with decent equipment, lock everything down then let my friends borrow the accounts to PK with me. If they wanna have the account to use for a month, they can stick bronze on it, and i'll change the password for them so they can use it just for them.

    This way my friends who are playing other games can come and PK with me on vent ^_^

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    I don't play anymore. Pk was good, xping was good and the occasional hacker i could take. But the increase of the turkish community with its problems and attitude and the way k2 runs a company made me stop, i can't talk to the mayority of people anymore cause english isnt the main language ig anymore.

    Ever since i quit i feel releaved. It was a fun game and i only come to the forums in hope of reading a post that k2 has changed their ways, that ppl can login f2p, that the turkish community would start to do something about the hacking and cheating, much like the us/uk community did back in the old days. i still have hope... that the bugs will be fixed, that perm bans will stay perm bans and gm's are active 24/7.

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    trust me you dont want to know


    I still play cause i have nothing better to do.
    i even have a routine............
    i come home from school, log on, try to merch something,and xp
    then i go to bed and do the same the next day
    on the weekends or if i dont have school i just pk or xp cause its fucking
    boring as hell in mississippi
    nothing ever goes on here so i play and feel like a far off life that i once had is coming back
    plus i meet some really cool people and i love my clan

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    Addiction is a vary big reason that some ppl play various games for good or bad time will tell.

    I read that some guy that played Everquest, played everquest when his gf/wife gave birth on the BB

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    Originally posted by HoodFizzle
    cos theres nothing else to do in home =/
    just watch tv or shit like that... im not usually playing more than 1-2hours in a day(when im home lol)
    when im out i hang with my friends(No they dont play ko, well some of em do but not most of em)
    and no, im not playing this game becos of my "virtual friends" lol they mean nothing for me =/

    i just go pk sometimes with the clan for 1 scroll or 2(30min to hour) *
    and no way.. im not going to lvl 80.... not even 70, i honestly dont have time for that sheeet lol
    i find that line interesting, but maybe u didnt quite mean it the way it sounds. in any case, people will be people wherever they are. u think the experience tends to change if its online vs in person, but i will tell u ur dreaming. u got same shit of: time to laugh, cry ( h43r: ), lowe , piss, etc etc...and not to forget the possibility of backstabbin etc etc. thats bein real, and thats how life is cuz u can never predict it. but, u can always be better than it if u choose

    back to my point, the terms "virtual" and "real" and frankly, only inside ur head and nowhere else. the people u talk to online are "real" and the people u meet in person are "real"...i doubt u will wanna find out if an online baba is real or not by makin him so pissed he'd hunt ur ass down an shoot u :wacko: h43r:

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