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rebelde20 aka Iamchamito found his clan finally xD

This is a discussion on rebelde20 aka Iamchamito found his clan finally xD within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by Soultaker lolz just funny to see Tez complaining about rebelde20 going to ayasofia. I'm sure he just ...
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    Originally posted by Soultaker
    lolz just funny to see Tez complaining about rebelde20 going to ayasofia. I'm sure he just wanted rebelde20 at utopian knights lolz *

    OMG soul how u find out i was trying to recruit this gg warryon :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    fuck yeah :wub:

    PEACE FTW guys stop fighting eachother. Have fun togheter and make the best times of it. Fight against K2 network and against opposite nation. Try to communicate with eachother. With fighting you won't gain any shit. With peace you only make advances and positive things. So later we can leave or stay with positive and nice memories ^^.

    Good luck with it you know when I was a little guy and if we fought we had to give eachother a hand lolz or even a kiss on the cheeck ^^

    let's start lolz

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    It's weird cuz they define the law of world.
    diffrent+same=attraction but they proved diffrent, the world gonan end

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    Originally posted by ResserGD+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(ResserGD)</div>
    Drama 24/7.

    The way i c it is simple. Everyone knows rebelde can b a pain in the ass, and ppl know that he ks's. I know alotta times, back in old KO when he used to KS my harpy aoe, or in more recent times when he used to try and take over melee spots. So personnely im not a big fan of rebelde, but maybe thats cos i cant really communicate with him, since i dont speak spanish and he doesnt really speak english. *

    But tbh, i dont c him being a cheater. Maybe he glitched in the past, let it go, its the past. Maybe he lies, ks's etc but doesnt necassarily make him a cheater. But then comes the fact that he joined ayasofya. *

    Everyone knows that this clan is a non legit clan. Everyone knows its full of cheaters. So u gotta ask urself, why did rebelde join this clan? I cant say i know why he joined this clan, but its a bit fishy. i gotta admit it makes no sense to me. Considering he doesnt speak their language, and he has always been in eternity. Im not saying he is a cheater, but by joining ayasofya, wtf does it make him look like? tbh the man has bought it on himself. *

    Well, iv used rebeldes acc.. and WTF his dream *is a Raptrot +9 and Shells +8.. he has a Raptor +8 Reduced and Shells +7 that iv done with my own buses.. So wuts the point here.. that rebelde left EterNiTy to join Ayasofya.. well i know the reason because he did.. dont talk shit about no one Tez... a Old Friend on mine (Kamy) told me that Karma is real... I KNOW THE REASON why he is in that clan... is that your bussiness? are u in love with him or something? Rebelde a duper LOL... *Cmon guys stop talking flaming and talking shit about someone u dont know in real life.. I KNOW HIM i treated him like shit acted like a lil kid, insulted his mom, dad, dog, door, pc and everything u can imagine.. forgived me.. He said " This is only a game.. passed is passed". Thats the reason i stick n his vent.. thats the reason i went 2 EterNiTy when i went human ... (im in Tormt now cause i told glar i was gonna go.). He is a Good Person so PLZ stop treating him like shit... if u dont give a shit about him.. dont talk about him.. Is he so important 2 u??

    PS: about the gbs... u say he scammed u... u say u scammed him... talk and put the shit in order over here.... dont act like a 10 kid... I know u tez u are a gg. and im sure u can fix this shit talking.

    PS2: Kamy spero q algun dia me perdones.. por todas las mierdas q dije... no me voy a olvidar nunk q eres un buen pata bro.

    I talked with u yesterday, and ur a nice prsn, so im not argueing wiv u. But u and kamy say you know why he joined the clan?

    Tell me all why then, and maybe this thread can be locked after that, and no 1 will call him a cheater.

    Go on... tell us...

    honestly why the FUKC DO YOU EVEN CARE if he joined ayasofya.. just because he is a well known player ppl start prying into his own personal buisness.. if he wants to join let him join. just cuz hes in a duping clan doesnt mean HE is a duper.. just like what sum1 up there sed, just cuz ur in tormentors doesnt mean ur legit..

    resserGD stop prying into others private buisness.. whichever clan rebelde is in has nothing to do with you so fuk off..

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