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    Blame the people that fucked the game up for us all.
    I don't agree with U, Felix.

    This game was shity even in time we started to play it. (Im here since March 2005)
    Do U remember very often Server restarts in those days? DC on teleport? ...

    This game was always confused and full of glitches, patches or anything else...
    U and all other "quiters" fight with all of us, against all this problems, day by day, we was yelling, winnying and shouting on GM's, CS, BBB and all other who can help to make this game work better.
    We all start to play this game, cause she was Free2Play. We don't wanna give money for something better (or we don't know that something better even exist, but that is another situation). U was always able to play Everquest (who start to play ~5 years before KO), or WOW (who is next_generation of Everquest).
    We deside to play KO, cause is F2P, and we still wanna best game on planet. Don't be that much proud to demand something extraordinary for no money.
    U can't compare K2 Network with Blizzard Entertainment (WoW).

    Most of reasons that ppl quit playing KO is cause of bad organisation and noobs with high lvl items. paying (U can't play without premium). have Xtrap. Lot of changes started with Red Drake patch. Game is much better than before. Yes, every noob can have some good weapon now, but that is not his is yours. U sell IB +6 (or even higher) for 200 mil (that is price from yesterday Mora/Diez). Why we selling those weapons that cheap. Maybe K2 have some new logic: don't merchant so much. Upgrade it, and keep it for urself.

    But...ppl flame me for "winnying" about my banned rogue. But I spent more than 1 year leveling that rogue till lvl 62 (back then), and I just feel too much pain cause they (k2) destroy all my effort and hard work.
    U wanna quit (Cold Lady (aka Hawk), Soultaker, Waggyar, Doc1...(there is a lot more of U)) now?! After U spent THAT MUCH time, effort and spent so much nerv's (on xxxx+1 number asking for buff/AC/swift/LR (apos rulz :P ) and don't getting it) on this game and leveling Ur charachter? U wanna start playing WOW? And be lvl 70 in 2 months? Ok........I believe U.

    But we still hate U guys.

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    and. whats the point in opening a new topic for that?

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    why dont you actually reply to it instead of saying you are?


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