I have two other pures, but couldnt post that many images, message me for information about them!
Stats for the gmauler
50 attack
87 strength
1 defence
1 31 prayer
60 magic
66 range.
4m bank

Stats for the ranger
40 attack
44 strength
1 defence
1 prayer
75 range
1 magic
73 crafting
5m bank

Hey guys, so I started working on lots of pures. All account sales will be final, Taking paypal, claim + cancel or western union.

[email protected] is my msn

Once these accounts are sold I will make more and restock in about 2-3 weeks.

Not taking SWAPS, I make pures and sell them, I don't make pures to trade them for accounts.
All accounts will be sold with Recovery Details, 3 Previous passwords + Paypal transaction ID for members, etc etc.

Have fun bidding guys! Hope you guys are interested in my accounts,


all pictures were taken for a runescape site, but I am tired of dealing with stupid little faggots, so I decided to see if they would sell here.

Pure # 1, Very nice pure, messed up on the defence, 3 def and 2 pray only got it one combat level, only a minor mistake.

Pure#2, Retarded intense ranger.

All pictures were taken for a runescape site.