I'm selling my items on Thang Online for USD or trading them for items in USKO (CW).

These are the following items that I've for sale in Thang Online :

Dot2 Dart (Tar) (Value of 350 - 450m).
RT Upper, Skirt & Boots +9 (Value of 65m EACH piece).
RT Stuff +6 (Value of 12m EACH part).
RT Mantle (Value of 5 - 10m).
100 - 200m Diens</span>.
Kasa (Tar) (Value of 18 - 25m).
Jin (Tar) (Value of 50 - 65m).
Arang Mask (Power) +9 (Value of 70 - 120m).
GS +2 (Value of 250 - 300m).
Gold +1&#39;s (Value of 10 - 15m).
Def Ring +2 (Value of 2 - 5m).
Swan stuff (Value of 500k - 4m).
Ulaan stuff (Value of <span style="color:#FF0000">500k - 5m

All these items and some more!

I do also have a lvl 87 Rian for sale if anyone would want it.

These items are pretty BABA in Thang, so if u wanna go straight PRO.. Buy this offer!

Post, PM or add me on MSN if you need something.

MSN - [email protected]

Alright, cya!

*Sorry if it isn&#39;t allowed to sell items like this, but I didn&#39;t find any rule*