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Scammer or no? : Don_E

This is a discussion on Scammer or no? : Don_E within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; typ0, and I just spoke on msn, we have both been taken by this individual msn:[email protected], not sure if he ...
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    typ0, and I just spoke on msn, we have both been taken by this individual msn:[email protected], not sure if he is actually ko4life char: don_e or not; he did legit first deal w/both typ0 and I, and after we trusted him after succesful first deal, scammed us on the second deal we made w/him. I was hoping that he just had lost internet access for skelly belt to complete trade, but after talking w/typ0 and finding out he was selling the same items to us both at the same time, he cannot be legit.

    edit: ( I hate posting and adding to my post count, so hence, am editing) typ0, was $132 for the skelly ($110 & $22 WU fee)- he made out even better that you had estimated

    BTW, I play this game as a hobby when at home from work or in the evening when traveling for fun and relaxation w/my family members and fellow clannies, so if not scuba diving, which is a much more expensive hobby, I don't mind spending time and funds on this "buggy" game when I want too. I don't however appreciate being scammed.

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    Members of Ko4life. ie Kings of flames. Yes I think it's a pretty shitty game to PAY for, especially to even buy items on. That doesn't mean I don't like to play it(for free). Just saying it's riddled with bugs and other problems and not worth USD.

    You really should loosen up tho, I don't see why everyone here is always bein such assholes to anyone who makes a statement that doesn't quite cater to them.

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    ok i respect the victoms cause they my clannies and shit........but come on trashing a car sounds so much fun........might be just my adolesance talking but........anyways sry to hear it richard and typo. all i can sugest is next time get the item first and then send money..........u are a respected player richard_II and i know id trust u to send money after giving u item. mabey next time use a secure meens of sending paypall were u can get it back in one way or another........well GL and lets pray u get ur money back.

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