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Seal XP?

This is a discussion on Seal XP? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I think the way it works. You use a scroll and make the cypher ring with your current level and ...
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    I think the way it works.

    You use a scroll and make the cypher ring with your current level and XP.
    Just like a saving your work on a computer.
    The ring would be trapped in your inventory like quest rings.

    Unless you die in the next 20 minutes its likely a 30 stone rezzer will still get you better XP than where you saved it.

    And you need to pay each time you use it.[/b]
    sounds pretty gay but thats prolly how theyll do it :/
    and no that wont mean more NT's cause they gonna pay each rezz instead of just getting a rezz

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    yay now i can just run into towers without worry about xp then... :S[/b]
    ye i think to

    but i think it more for lvls 80s cuz if they die alot of xp go to hell...

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    off topic but why do ppl that hide their hp and shit like that i mean what do you have to hide?[/b]
    since this isnt a post your stats topic, you shouldnt even be looking at my hp bar lol, and if i wanted some1 to know my stats i would logg in to ko and take a ss on stats and post it on post yourstats.

    the seal thing is gone now when they took away the patch, any1 have any guesses when it will come back? was fun killing the dooms

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    probably, won't come bak.

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    when I talked with gm b4 any1 knew but the yey I can get rof from tyon thingy they said that the "dooms" would stay 4-ever so they will most likely fix the patch and re open it.

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    good then

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