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Selling Guild wars ( pvp / pve account )

This is a discussion on Selling Guild wars ( pvp / pve account ) within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Hi all i want sell or trade my guild wars account for ares items ( mage if you can ). ...
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    Hi all i want sell or trade my guild wars account for ares items ( mage if you can ). I posed a good account GW with all campaign with mission pack bonus (new weapons, shield and staff) and pvp bonus 1 million ( when your write /bonus in game you have lot of basic items and all skill unlocked.
    I posed an Elementalist pve ( lvl 20 ) my only character pve because i'm first a pvp player. She have 15k armor, farming armor, tormented fire staff, mursaat shield, undead spear and one deldrimor sword . I have too 7 other character but only for pvp . Remember i have unlock all skill and all items for pvp = your mercenary have all skills .
    My assasin pvp have nihil's daggers, stygians daggers and 2 personnals daggers (+++++++++++++++++++ ) win during hvh.
    My warrior have one personnal axe ( tribal skin ), one personnal hammer ( spiked club ) and one personnal sword ( plagueborn skin ), one vampiric mursatt hammer req 12 , chocking celestial hammer req 12 , 4 personnal shield shields (vs light, vs fire,-5 20% and vs cold +60life with hex )
    My dervish have just 2 personal scythes ( elegent scythes and embossed scythes )
    My elementalist, mesmer, parangon and ritualist pvp don't posed good item but you can create this items of course.

    On this screenshoots, you can seen all my ranks :

    And my r8 hoh :

    You can contact me here or on my msn : [email protected]

    Sorry for my English all i'm french

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    cute ranks, then i guess , 2-4 years on the same char gets you that , i have like 7 PvE chars , i will never get so many titles xD h34r:

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    bumpzors ><


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