Selling Silkroad Xian Server Items: (Usd or Ko Items)

Degree6 Gem Sword(+4) Seal of Moon *Great Damage/Stats*
Degree6 Armor Crown/Legs/Shoulders/Boots(or Gloves) Seal of Moon
Degree6 Armor Gloves(or Boots) Seal of Star
Degree6 Jewelry Set Seal of Moon
Degree6 Shield 14/15Block (+3) Seal of Star

Nothing has been used with that new Alchemy, I stopped playing before it came out so you can pimp it all up any way that you like. I am not selling my Lv46 Account since I do not share/trade any account on any game. With my items when I played, I was prolly the strongest player in the server at my level area and Xian is the first or second server in the game.

These items would do good till the early/mid Lv60's or to sell/trade ingame.

What server that the Ko Items you offer are on do not matter all that much since I can sell them, but I would prefer items in the Diez Server.