ok thanx for the tips ReiRei.

Macroing is pretty bad as it is, so can't blame ppl having grudges against archers. I don't go into Adream anymore because its full of macroers and combo hackers.

And camaz0tz yes videos/fraps works. I regularly post screenshots of cheaters in Dies Cheaters section. I have seen a few ones i posted banned. Problem i have my pc lags too much for a fraps program so can't take vidz of the 1 arrow shooters standing is same spot, with auto loot, wolf, safety on. U see them in town sometimes just standing there, every few minutes or so they do wolf, and safety.

Sullimo has told me gor good proof of macroers with screenshots, take pics of them shooting while running, or using multi arrow or arrow shower from distance at mobs, and shooting while sitting. And he said something about mages doing nova over head with no mobs around. Which to me doesn't seem like making.