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sins combos

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    Default sins combos

    well im playing assasian for pretty long and i know many different combos
    Well at start i practiced combos on blood don with mp absorded and crap like that

    i think that skil-r-r and skill-s-r were going pretty well for me.
    than i decided to record myself on colony zone and noticed i FAILE ALOT
    ok i thought to my self that its because im nervous and try to combo too fast .

    Some time passed and im not nervous anymore, i take my time on a 1v1.
    my minor healing mixes very well with my combo but STILL
    im not satisfied, i see movies of assasians from ares and im trying to understand
    how to they combo that fast, and i want some one known to explain pls.

    ps : i know there were many threads about this, i READ ALL OF THEM, i read zero's guide
    and i still dont feel i'm doing good.
    so pls dont flame and try to help, thx alot.

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    TBH, trying someone elses style wont help too much.

    Spend time in the arena with a priest with good DD and practice tanking him/her.

    A combo on a Mob is different to PvP combos as you cannot run through another player.

    If you try comboing too quickly it will fail. Start off slow and work your way up to a faster pace. It will not happen over night spo be patiant it will come in due time.

    Try and learn a hit squence so that u never have to wait for a cool down and you can always keep attacking.

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    I've had the same luck, I even went so far as to program a game pad and tested delays between keystrokes and such, and I was still showered with failed attacks. I've tried every combo I could find, then everything I could imagine, and the best I could get was 4 attacks to hit, about 10% of the time, the rest was normally one or two successful attacks, with the rest doing nothing.

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    Use 7 skills, use 2 page.

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    I use 2 pages.
    Eventually i use all the skills but i believe i can get faster and better and i would like to know some of ur methods, and Felix thx for ur advices.

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    judement FTW, never fails xD

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    i think s-r has a better success rate than r-r... but thats just what i think

    *no flame*

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    I cant full tank a person with holding w and rr but I can do it to riote.


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