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So.... Akara Ranking?

This is a discussion on So.... Akara Ranking? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; losing a vs isnt a reason to quit a game but this dude bjk realy sees this game as his ...
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    losing a vs isnt a reason to quit a game but this dude bjk realy sees this game as his life omfg
    sexy came and sold his char in girakon the best char in girakon the strongest 1
    just to be with his friends
    i wonder if bjk would do the same

    again sexy love u
    nvm the flaming people

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    Check general section plx. I explained how MiracLe earns np.
    NaidenZ, Do you really need to suck at every new server. I can't wait to kill you naked again.
    Ebonics has defeated StheatIT/NaidenZ (Naked @ Girakon)[/b]
    let's answer this guy !
    bullshits n lies from an idiot vs screen shoots ? heheh :lol:
    Ebonics vs NaidenZ
    i attacked him one time and he thought it was a vs and he attacked me till i die and i was without pauldron/helmet/gauntlet and he was with his valk and everything( he said in his mind it's my chance it's my day ! finally i'll kill sexyreplay xd :lol:
    Ebonics has defeated NaidenZ (Naked @ Girakon)[/b]
    this guy forgot to specify who was naked XD

    so yeah if this count as a vs then you won, man you are so pro ! ? when you kill a war naked it's a achievement for you right ? :lol:

    now Ebonics vs StheaIT?
    Ebonics has defeated StheatIT(Naked @ Girakon)[/b]
    wrong man its
    StheatIT has defeated Ebonics (Naked @ Girakon)[/b]

    sthealt used belt str+6 because i merchanted both belts( elf belt of sthealt and iron belt mine) because this guy was criyng
    there is your answer
    to you luca ty i love you too :wub:
    Lol,that guy is too addicted to KO.
    I had many fights with my girl about KO,but this....just can't believe.
    Come sometime,if u can play with ironhazee,and pk with us.Would be fun now coz i finally got lvl70 :lol:[/b]
    yes we can pm me with your email and we will make pk when my sharer logs in our account of akara
    thanks everyone who trusted/believe me and sorry for reply again but i found a way of how to clear it
    nothing else to say its done i guess if BJK write something here i wont reply i will not waste my time fighting with this guy anymore again ty you all.

    p.s: fisshy : here is your answer i'm not lame :angry:

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    ty bro and please watch it XD[/b]

    jajaja 2 alpacas xD

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    jajaja 2 alpacas xD[/b]
    haha rofl on that video ;D

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