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Solution for fix Market prices

This is a discussion on Solution for fix Market prices within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; if you played the game for years like i have then youd understand that farming is just part of the ...
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    if you played the game for years like i have then youd understand that farming is just part of the game...
    ive pk'ed for hours on end too, thats the point of this game is to gear up your character so that you can pk.

    the prices of pots are what they are now...its been like that for years...people who are running low on coin will just need to figure out other (non-cheating) ways of making coin...and maybe this game can be fun again.[/b]
    But i think farm strong bosses for get gbs is most productive :S Kill mastodons in lvl 80 sounds kinda prehistoric and i think when prices go more down... all pple will have to do mastodons and then KS will be fcking boring ^^

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    OK, since I see a lot of people replying with stupid and useless ideas. let me explain a bit the main problem of this. But first, let's separate in 2 groups the people I see:

    1. Those who got a shitload of goldbars from old KO/KE dupe era (not in the way you duped them, in the way you sold a regular item for 10x or 100x times its price)
    2. Those who can't imagine how to make over 20gbs right now out of nowhere because boss drops are not so lucky and actually farming money by selling to npc ain't good enough.

    I'm glad there is no duping right now, so I won't get any of my new items deleted.

    Now here's the problem...
    No duping means there is actually no money income in a huge amount (9999 BUS/BES or goldbars). So if you really want to get 1GB, you need to farm 100 million noahs.
    NOTE: for those people who could start flaming with stupid ideas like "play the market", keep reading.
    You can actually play the market, but the money is not coming from farming (actually farming noahs, don't be stupid and mess the whole idea). That money comes from old duped (or not) goldbars. People is draining their noah resources in pots, because unlike 3 years ago, people play in CZ spending almost 2k or 3k pots a day (do something else please). And everyone needs now 1920 mana pots, because of the high levels on warriors, the minor heal on rogues and the party heals on priests. 1920 mana pots are really that necessary to keep playing at a good rate.
    People buy 9999 mp and hp pots and spend over 200 million noahs. Do that every week and u spent almost 10 goldbars per mont, per player.
    NOAH resources are going down, there's still people who have over 1k goldbars, but not 1000 people, just a few of them. Those who replied about goldbar as a regular drop is a stupid idea may have over 100gbs and haven't realized there's no real money income in the market. Current money is only changing from player to player if selling/buying items, but on pots its getting down and can't keep it up at the same rate, why? because you will spend most of your pk time farming for noahs to buy pots.

    Right now... do the math, how many felankors/ultima/isiloon do you need to get 1 goldbar per clan member? Farming for noahs is difficult to keep buying pots. And not always you get a goldbar.

    I hope I explained myself.

    Mages should be able to make 1920mp pots (as priests can make 720hp ones) and sell to the market, so you only spend noahs on repair, which is actually easy to cover with noah drop.

    Those were my 2 cents. Keep the flame war as you community always do.

    P.S. For example, me and m4d lvl on hopgoblins. From npc drops (ele staff, maces and other items) and noahs I get like 1m-2m per hour plus the experience. I don't waste much mana pots unless we have to get the floor from dirty nasty humans. We are not premium users so that's about our limit atm. We don't sell abyss gems, we still have faith on getting a goldbar or a shard or a raptor from it (best drop so far has been a silver bar). But when it comes to pk or wars... M4D is a 1920mp pot eater, me too. We are like the oldest players in the server and the poorest ones (maybe there are older ones but rich as hell). Most gbs we have ever had in a time is 20, and spent them all on m4d's belt. Though we are glad prices are going down we have no chance to buy items right now (300m noahs atm on clan bank).
    And unlike 95% of ko4life community, me and m4d really miss old and original ko ares market prices (shard +7 200m, rol 300m)

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