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Spam/Locked: so, what I have missed?

This is a discussion on Spam/Locked: so, what I have missed? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; all i have to say about all this is.... wow (this game has gone to hell)...
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    all i have to say about all this is.... wow

    (this game has gone to hell)

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    there&#39;s a lot more +9 shell sets (not just on ares and diez). lot more +3 iron sets, etc etc. clans now have to donate nps from their characters to achieve top 5 on server. clans can have long capes that are sexy as hell, eslant still exists all tho no1 goes there unless its jurad time. (jurad is an event for 70+ that occurs twice daily), you can get gems and turn them into the chaotic generator in moradon and get uniques depending on ur luck. bifrost will never exist again so dont worry about that. there is only 1 war map (which licks scrote) and a lvl 55 noob can kill 43565432 lvl 83s by right clicking on a switch and rolling logs onto you that will 1 hit you if u have less than 8.7k hp. there are arrow shower hackers on most servers that run and shoot so fast in war and moradon and other areas that it will crash your kol str8 to ur desktop. the amount of exp you need to go from 80-83 is basically like doing 70-80 all over again, however the new skills are rather fun. rogues have a minor heal cooldown now, so as to make it harder for people to "pedal" their minor heals i guess. most ppl think it&#39;s bs and tbl edit it out. x trap hasnt been around for a while hence why there are shower hackers again; they even make the kill list for wars now (which you can see in moradon by your respective nation&#39;s tp gate). border defense wars make it easier to get lvl 70. or you can simply stay 69 and pk in ronark land base where it&#39;s only a zone for lvl 60-69 players. ardream still exists for 59 players however. there are new cursed weapons that are somewhat hard to make. you have to collect fossils that can be farmed in cz, as well as farm the new Krowaz area for drops in order to attempt to manufacture a new weapon/armor. a set of the new armor will give you the same ac and bonuses as shell however when u complete a full set you will get a lot of extra bonuses and resists that are very nice. the new weapons are pretty sick, very few +8s at all, most are still all +7. they have a chance with each hit to do one of a few things. there are kinds that can turn your char big for a little bit (like you used beozar), ones that recharge all your skills, ones that zap your hp (the best imo..i.e. hit some1 for 600 but on their hp bar they will drop 1k+), and also when you are hit you cannot be tp&#39;d by your party is another possible curse. trinas now guarantee your item to +5. blue trinas are used to increase ur success when attempting to manufacture new cursed weapons and armors. oh and nobody of a decent lvl exps at eslant ds anymore. all exp takes place in cz at either titan, dark stone, or booro <----most popular. duke, bishop, back do not exist in main cz but they still exist in ronark land base. in main cz there are now bosses that you absolutely cannot miss called Dulian (drops roc), Query(drops rol) Jersey (drops rom). you pretty much need a decent party to take them down. you can solo but it will take years. atilla also spawns in cz bowl as well. 2x atilla per spawn times/restarts. lesath still drops cs in cz as well. there is a monument in cz called Ronark Monument and if your nation holds it you get more nps per kill when u kill the opposing nation in pk.
    thats bout all i can think of right now. i typed a lot may i have a cookie? [/b]

    can u people please learn to use paragraphs.

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    can u people please learn to use paragraphs.[/b]
    What do you mean you people

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