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Spam/Locked: Top 25 with glow hand?

This is a discussion on Spam/Locked: Top 25 with glow hand? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; lol you make my day pahahaha cry about forum , go ahead and post , dont worry about me. Also ...
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    lol you make my day pahahaha cry about forum , go ahead and post , dont worry about me.

    Also no i didnt start to learn English in 3rd 4th grade , in my elementary school we started at 6th grade , and in 9th and above i goes to vocational school and there i learn about computers and airplanes , also was Sport and more , but not mathematics , arabic and the rest shit , thats why i gonne join soon to army , they need "retarded" kids like me.

    Flam3 archer , i know russion boys who was at school with me over 5 years and they allways talking the same , but the kids dont blame him for thier Hebrew becuse every1 know its hard to go to diff country and learn new language fast , but here in this forum , its something diffrent , if you dont speak good enough English , you get flames , but i not going to " learn " better English just for this faggot kids.

    And yea i want this topic to be till 30 pages and only flame me , lmao , why you think i scard or somthing ? lol , i laughing here , dont stop plax

    Oh and coolboy , i also got invitation from the police 7 months ago , to join them after then army if ill stay learn about computer there ( in army ) and i can be hacker for the police , but i dont like police so i 100% not gonne do it .
    If you do go to school you probably see more kids like me that got invitation from other things also , but yea thats becuse they retard , dont forgot that.

    I gonne have a good future ( if ill not die in army w00t ) , what about you ? your future is USKO right? you go to sleep and dream where to xp tommorow ? lol you actually think how much % to make tommorow ^^

    Look how much flames i got here and i dont stop to laugh here rofl , its amazying how many ppl saying the same shit , and i dont pay any attention for you :P

    But keep try :P , maybe ill cry becuse your gonne say bad things on me , since you know me only in this forum roflllllllllllllll hahhaha its gonne be funny [/b]
    will u stop with the LIES?
    i remember in koss u told me that ur gonna be sports instructure in the army or something like that, and that u work for ur dads company in computers, dont remember the exact details but i know it was u, and like u always u keep lieing and lieing.
    geez man, ur the one that needs to find a life.

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    This topic has been marked as spam and has been locked.

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