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knight online is destroying your lives, and you all know it. If you are all smart you will listen to what im saying and quit. there is nothing to gain from this childish fanatacy game only loss and lonliness. This game has poisened you all with its addictivness, everyone wants to be the greatest character and reach that lvl 70, but reaching that lvl 70 only proves that you are a sad, and lonly person that doesnt have better things to do than play *a childrens game. I dont want to insult anyone i just want to warn you, theres a better life outside KO. i was wasting my time on this game but now i have come to my senses and relised that you only have one chance at life, why waste it on this game. Think before you login again, is it worth it. * * *
Good luck *

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Whats the matter, can't level ?? J/K It is addictive even with the bugs, gliches, etc. I waste a lot of time on here, lol.