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Storytime!!! Jurad! Labyrinth of death!

This is a discussion on Storytime!!! Jurad! Labyrinth of death! within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; took me sometime to read that, but definitely it was a good storie, congratz ranzo...
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    took me sometime to read that, but definitely it was a good storie, congratz ranzo

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    <---- biggest fan !!

    Gg story ranzo

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    I enjoyed. Good job ranzo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExclusiveBastard View Post
    Good job dutchy, its quiet entertaining to read can u post some of ur other storys for me later?

    je hebt een grote fantasie, misschien moet je proberen een echt boek te schrijven
    A reply as a BUMP.. And after this bump I will add some of the stories known to the old HF players.

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    Post Megame

    As requested more of me writings. This story is based upon the IP block K2 had to do a while back.

    So, there we are. The war is going fine, we are doing well these days. We could use more warriors from our mighty clan and alliance now and then, but we were strong. Strong enough to keep the Castle in Delos, to have the King in our midst.
    The High Council has been working to get rid of the filthy members of the Sn0xd cult and even the Heavenfire cult had a hard time taking over the minds of warriors and beings in this world. The gods had made changes to our world in Eslant and prevented mages to abuse their powers. The world was getting better, there still were fights between the Tuarek and Humans, but the gods and the HighCouncil were working their way in to taking out some nasty stuff. There were still brainwashed questgivers in the cities all over Carnac, there were still some malfunctioning teleportgates, but the world became better.. Slowly, but we were getting there.

    But oh boy, we were wrong. Things probably went too well. An old forgotten cult was about rise once more. A cult known as Megamé, well.. Not really a cult, but more an abusive group of lost power, forgotten energies, twisted thoughts. To explain this we need to jump way back in to the history of Carnac, before Logos was created by the mystic energies, the creator of the world. Before the Forgotten One, Pathos created death and destruction.

    Why did Logos create Carnac, how did he have knowledge of these things, from what image did he make mankind? There is more behind this then we all might think, more to be afraid of then all known to El Moradian and Tuarek. Where do our Teleporters come from? What is the Felankor or even Ultima? What are the Draki that created the magic and cursed weapons? Are the gods the true power in this world or is there more?

    The most important question is: Did Logos really create the world as we know it? He did not!!
    Years have I been searching in great libraries, forgotten temples, the ruins of the once white city of Ardream and even darker places which I can not even dare to describe. Not much is there to be found about this. The known history of Carnac starts with Logos being the creator of the world and Pathos being his dark twin of destruction. But how wrong were we…. The gods were not the first to wander this world…

    The universe as we know it has been here for ages, centuries, longer then anyone even can imagine. Certain evidence of old technology and beings tell us a tale of forgotten might and glory. Carnac as we know it has been created by an old race called the Megamé, a race far more intelligent then we will ever be. A race far more superior then Logos or Pathos. A race that hungered for war and a race that brought his own destruction by war. The Felankor and Ultima are 2 beings left from this forgotten race, strong, unbeatable and locked by Logos and Pathos in to magic dungeons. The Felankor, and maybe even the Isiloon, are that strong, that no god can kill them. They are locked in magic dungeons, bound by mystic shackles to their magic prisons. Ultima, the strongest being on this world is locked in the Bifrost. And only after defeating all creatures of the 7 sins, and passing their lands, you are able to reach his prisoncastle. They are the survivors of that forgotten race.
    The teleporters are an other example of the unknown power. The gods did not create this transportation, they do not even understand how it works. Transporting a being through nothing, through the void, through darkness. The stone of the teleporters are not from this world. Dark obsidian stone, nothing can scratch it, it won’t turn warm nor cold, it won’t break. An ore not even to be found on this world.

    (part 2)

    The Megamé were a race created for war, by whom? we do not know. They were a mix between dragons as we know as fossil dragons and human beings. To become stronger and stronger these creatures used dangerous rituals, magic potions, dark aura’s and more to alter their beings and mental powers. They released powers on this world that were stronger then ever seen before. Even stronger they had imagined it to be. A power that could not be handled, a power that would destroy anything the Megamé had ever created and would destroy the Megamé race itself.
    A group of warriors and shamans sought for answers to get rid of this evil created by themselfs and only once, this race of eternal war joined forces to fight this evil. But they were too late, deadly virusses were spreading the lands, poisoning the water, the fauna, the flora, everything. Women giving birth to horrible misshaped creatures, the weaker onces dying after a simple cold, slowly this evil was taking over. The Megamé fled to one last position knows to us now as the Dragonisle, a small island outside of Moradon. A last stronghold what would become their extinction.
    There was only one way to escape this Evil, this unholy power, to prevent this being from ever wander this world again. Shamans started a dark ritual that would not only create a new power, but it would also sacrifice all that was left of their race. A race of war and death and that is what brought the Evil down. Hundreds of souls boiled together, hundreds of angry and slaughtered thoughts, hundreds of wrecked beings created the one thing that could beat the Evil. A being without a body was crated, a being with only one will, with only one purpose in his so called life. It was a thought without a body, an enormous cloud of energy pointed to only one thing, destruction.

    After 10 days of rituals, 10 days of thunder, 10 days of sacrifice, 10 days of horror it was done. The Megamé were gone. And the being without a body was there. Filled with hate and revenge. Filled with destruction, ready to take down the Evil.

    The books are not clear about this, but there must have been an enormous battle, yet a battle unknown. A battle seen by no eyes, a battle not written by any hand. The Evil has lost it, that is one thing we know for sure. But what was left was far worse then the Evil. A creature without a body remained. A creature brought to this universe to bring destruction. A single fought with no regrets. It became “the Megamé”. It must have traveled to space for centuries and longer, a lonely spirit of battle, locked in a non-existing life form. And now it has returned….

    During the clashes of both mighty beings several eruptions of energy sparked everywhere and these gathered flocks of energy became Logos and Pathos in the ages that came. A combination from the Evil and his counterpart, the unknown thoughs of the Megamé race. Knowing how to use the teleporters, knowing how to lock the mighty Felankor and Ultima, but not strong enough to defeat it.

    (part 3)

    Back to the world as we know it.. The gods created new life, created the El Moradians and later on the Tuarek. We are ruling this world now, using the forgotten powers of the Teleporters, crafting unknown weapons of power. And it has returned, an non existing being, a non existing being. And again we have become a world of war, again we have become source of anger and horror. We have become strong enough to fight the legends of Ronark, to fight a god like Krowaz, we take down mighty warriors like Gavinka in CZ.

    As said before, the cults of sn0xd and Heavenfire were taking care of, they had less and less influence on the warriors walking around on this world. Even the Bifrost, that was closed by gods, was about to open up again. Warriors from all kinds of provinces of El Morad and Lufferson were coming in to join the everlasting fight in CZ, RLB and Ardream. Yet something was wrong, things went to well, things went to easy. And what was long forgotten, what was unknown to the world, returned….

    It came as a surprise, all of sudden there was no longer any message form distant provinces. The foodsupplies promised by the province government did not came in. No new warriors, nothing. Even the gods had no words for this, no answer. Even with all their powers they did not see this coming. Yet a couple of days ago the gods woke up, feeling a being getting closer, a being working his way through the protective atmosphere that surrounds this world. A feeling that brought panic and anger, a feeling of something completely wrong. A meeting was called, a meeting on the Dragonisle and their worst nightmare was about to come true. Several provinces were no longer visible, no longer could the gods feel the energies of these places, no longer was there life.

    History is starting to repeat itself, a terrible nightmare has returned, and it wants revenge.

    Megamé made his first move.. Will history repeat itself? Will the gods be strong enough to stop this evil? Will the gods be able to stop this being that gave them birth? Will our warriors survive this?? Whom will we lose?? Who will be able to flee and find a new way to join us in the everlasting war??

    Someone once said…

    Yesterday is history,
    Today is a gift,
    Tomorrow is mystery.

    Let there be a tomorrow please, what ever mystery it will bring…………….
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    Great story Ranzo

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    Time to write on a new part on recent account hacks :P

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    Ill give it a go.. Who knows uh..

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