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Swiming among sharks !

This is a discussion on Swiming among sharks ! within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by CrnaC yes...too many problems... :blink: * but...there is always a solution...they can always hire more ppl to ...
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    Originally posted by CrnaC
    yes...too many problems... :blink: *

    but...there is always a solution...they can always hire more ppl to work in_game jobs...

    im sure that many ppl wanna work and help (even pro bono (for free)) for that issue.

    they have wrong politic....they hire 5 GMs who can do only few things...better things to make a
    some kind of "piramid" of ppl...1 GM control 5-10 ppl who have restricted access...

    Imagine situation that on Dies (or any other server) have 10 ppl who circulate on every part of map (area) and can prevent or stop ANY illegall action...
    Imagine same thing during wars...

    And...there is also one more thing...GMs now have only one kind of ban...PERMANENT ban (who i know the best from my issue).
    I remember time (before ~1 year) when was one GM (i forgot his name) who have one nice ban: MUTE FOR 3 DAYS.
    (when u yelling bad words in moradon, or in merchant mode...u was muted...very fast). That was nice time.

    They can do many things that will take nothing from them, and make so much for us (gamers).

    This situation is very bad. Now I cant invite any of my friends to start play KE, because they will quit in couple of days or weeks. And...things can be much better very quick.

    p.s. Baba u can change ur logo...u r 65 lvl, and u r not clanless for a long time...
    (if noobs dont know u...we know u * )
    permanent ban? what about people who've been maligned for cheating?

    imagine if the sentence is permanent ban for everything... if you didn't know... there're quite a number of cases these days where people got blocked for x-trap errors, which is nothing illegal, just a problem with x-trap.

    but i agree k2 needs a more active group of game masters.

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    sotong...i see that u dont remember me...
    (i have 62 lvl rogue baned permanently because of some...kind...of trap), and that is very long story, that u dont wanna hear.

    im sure that they r afraid that more GMs will cause to game became unsecure...but that logic is wrong, because...MAIN GMs can control that; and more GMs will just make more fun.

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