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The bug abusers/cheaters are ruining this game (if they dont did it already :S), and the ppl that just want to have fun on playing this game are being harmed.

Fuking kids charging back paypal = Non tradeable scrolls
Idiots abusing the temple bug = FT removed

This is just the start, soon they gona find more bugs being abused on wars for exemple, by noobs like Ultramago (the "the flash" mage on ares). And the solution? No more war!

Than someone will find a bug on colony zone, and than, no more cz. The game will be XP-Merchant. *

We dont have scrolls to pk or temple to have some fun, if a warrior want pk he must spend 10$ for it, thats stupid. *

Ok lets admit that they will get more money by non-tradeable scrolls, but its not for a long time, becouse everyone will just stop to play it...blocking/banning the game events isnt the solution. The soluton is ACTIVE gm's banning every char, one by one and scaring that ppl...

holy true