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Is there a way to tell that using the CC in PUS is safe?

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    Default Is there a way to tell that using the CC in PUS is safe?


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    I've been doing it since Jan '05 and I've had no problems.

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    wait for the yellow line

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    using a CC in general is never safe.

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    NEVER use any CC in a direct online transaction unless from a retailer (IE catalog orders etc....which are processed in the same fashion as swiping the card at a store)

    thats the whole reason 3rd party payment companies (paypal, C&B etc) even exist. And K2 has certainly not shown any type of security on their servers or website to allow you to even marginaly think its safe to use that method to process a payment, in-game (safer actually) or not.

    there are insane numbers of people actively trying to get your CC info 24/7. Let a "professional" in this field find out K2 even exists.....there will be sheer pandemonium when 20000k+ CC are comprimised and maxed out in a matter of hours.

    Paypal and Such basically negate this threat entirely....C&B however is a sad joke dun use it either....cost me 1600 bucks just for signing up basically (got my money back after some phone calls and aggitation but still, having that kind of error within 3 hours of signing up is a bad sign)


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