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Thnksgiving forum event winners

This is a discussion on Thnksgiving forum event winners within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Time to announce the winners of the Thanksgiving Forum Event! There were so many amazing entries that I had a ...
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    Time to announce the winners of the Thanksgiving Forum Event!

    There were so many amazing entries that I had a really hard time choosing. So to make it easier on myself I've picked two entries for each place! If you're one of the winners please PM me with your account name and the which prize you want (Premium days or KC). Also for 1st place winners the name of the +0 unique non-bifrost accessory you want. I will try to get these added to your accounts ASAP. So without any further delay here are the winners for the event:

    1st Place

    IEngincan64I and Kalais

    Both of these recipes showed amazing creativeness in teroms of the in-game items they used, and the directions to craft the actual dish. They also took the time and wrapped the recipe in some very amazing ways.


    Click here to see the recipe

    IPB Image

    2nd Place

    CHUCKIE!!! and Rabidgecko

    (The Recipe Found On The Back Of Spell Of Impact)

    To find your own original copy, purchase a Spell of Impact Scroll and follow these directions to read the recipe:

    1. Flip scroll over.


    Krowaz’s Butter-Basted Holiday Chicken Club BBQ Wrap With A Side of Omelette-Du-Fromage Bolognaise and Appetizers Including Thanksgiving Amuse-Busch and Isiloon’s Fantastic Fabulous Fried Chili Pot Pie Dumpling Love Muffins Broiled Under Felankor-Flame with Love in Every Smilodon-Sized Bite


    Main Dish
    23 Peeled and Sliced Ripe Asga Fruits
    1 Bottle of Cure Potion
    1 Cup of Gold Coins
    100,000 Scales

    Side Dish

    10 Wolfman’s Toenail
    10 Pincer Poison
    10 Bezoar of Glyptodont
    10 Blood of Glyptodont
    20 Dead Orc Watchers
    500,000 Noah


    1 Abyss Gem
    5 Pink Rice Cakes
    5 Green Rice Cakes
    1 Blue Treasure Chest
    1 Gallon of Kramp Easy-Lube Vegetable Shortening*

    *If none is available in-game, Abyss Holy Water may be substituted.

    Be sure to have your parents permission and supervision when making these dishes!


    Main Dish

    1. Place peeled and sliced Asga Fruits in a 4 x 4 deep-dish microwave-safe container.
    2. Evenly coat Asga Fruits with 1 Bottle of Cure Potion. If you buy your Cure Potion from Moradon, be sure that it has not expired. The freshest Cure Potions can be bought from El Morad and Karus Sundries. Let stand for 3 minutes and 42 seconds.
    3. Slices of Asga fruit should be coated in a sticky glaze. Piece each slice of Asga Fruit into the shape they were before slicing.
    4. Using a deli slicer, slice gold coins into 1-mm. slices.
    5. Place ½ cup of sliced gold coins into a coffee bean grinder. Grind into fine powder. Set other slices aside.
    6. Begin a campfire and place the deep-dish microwave-safe container over it. Lightly roast contents.
    7. As the Asga Fruits cook, begin to throw Scales into the campfire as well as into the container, making sure you throw equal amounts into each.
    8. Remove container from campfire.
    9. Scoop contents onto serving dish and garnish with gold coin slices.

    Side Dish

    1. After killing 20 Orc watchers, receive 500,000 Noah in quest reward if you have not done so already.
    2. Take all ingredients except the Dead Orc Watchers and Noah to a haggler in Folk Village. Receive even more Noah.
    3. Go to Moradon Castle and speak with the Fortune Teller. Spend all Noah on this person.
    4. Once broke, take the fortuneteller to theMagic Anvil. When Charon is not looking, throw fortuneteller into Anvil.
    5. If the upgrade is successful, you will have your dish. If not, the fortuneteller will not be destroyed but will try to escape. Do not let him and try again.


    1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees in two weeks in advance.
    2. In a large mixer, combine Abyss Gem, Pink Rice Cakes, and Green Rice Cakes. Set aside
    3. Open Blue Treasure Chest. If anything is in it, remove the item. You may choose to save it for later as a garnish.
    4. Lightly coat inside of Chest with Kramp Easy-Lube Vegetable Shortening. Set aside.
    5. In a large frying pan, cook previous mixture on low heat until golden-brown. Remove from heat and refrigerate immediately.
    6. In a microwave, cook the Treasure Chest for 3:50:24959. Be sure the timing is exact. For a sweeter taste, cook for 3:50:24958.
    7. Cover refrigerator with Kramp Easy-Lube Vegetable Shortening. Let stand overnight.
    8. Take Chest out of microwave and into sunlight. Let stand for two weeks.
    9. Take mixture out of refrigerator and scrape off old Kramp Easy-Lube Vegetable Shortening from refrigerator. Put scrapings into mixture.
    10. Pour Mixture into Treasure Chest. Set aside.
    11. Close chest and insert into oven. Cook for 2 minutes.
    12. Using the Ove Glove, remove Chest from oven. Carefully pour contents onto a festive holiday dish. Decorate the dish with small holiday tidbits, preferably the ones with choking hazard warnings on the packaging.
    13. Serve hot. Re-cook if necessary.


    Well I'm no photoshop whiz, so I've just typed it all into the editor, hope you like it...

    This recipe is a tried-and-tested modern Karus specialty, perfected by years of burns and horrendous meals. It is a traditional meal on thanksgiving, but of course it is equally delicious on every other day of the year.

    Required Items:
    1x Magic Hammer
    1x American Flag (Or Turkish, or whatever floats your boat)
    1x Forgotten Temple Chest - Red
    1x Wood Staff +8/64 flame
    1x Cleaver +9/no poison

    Ingredients Per Person*:
    *Warriors eat as much as three people

    2x Slabs of Tyon Meat
    2x flasks Water of bless
    10x Servings of Wolf's Blood

    Hors d'œuvres: Unnecessary. Things like crudite and salads are extraneous. Orcs did not claw and bite and hack their way to the top of the food chain so that they could eat plants... And eating meat for appetizers is just redundant...

    Main dish: Roast Beast
    When it comes to cooking the meat, flashy fire spells and scorching staves just don't do the trick--cooking too fast, the meat either burns or roasts unevenly. Old-fashioned spit roasting over a firepit, although tedious and time-consuming, is really the only way to go. In my extensive KO culinary experience, I've found that an American flag works best as a spit -- pierce the meat on the pole, while holding the end with the flag in your hand. The best fire pit is in Raon Camp in Karus, so pack your pots, armor, and ingredients and get ready for a lonely few hours.

    To light the firepit, you'll first need some kindling. Useless 500 hp+ scrolls are great for this, and I believe this is their only effective purpose. In order to set the scrolls alight, use a wood staff +8 as you would an oversized and unwieldy match, then dance and chant pagan rituals around the fire as the blaze creeps toward the sky... Once you have a sizable inferno burning, hold the spit over the fire and slowly turn the spit clockwise seven times for good luck, then seven times counterclockwise to complete the cycle. Repeat this process for about two and a half hours to cook it all the way through, and if you are not serving the meat immediately place it in a empty red Forgotten Temple chest to preserve the warmth and taste.

    To serve the meat, there are only two things you really need: a table and a knife. The best knife for carving meat is a cleaver +9, a sharp, well-shaped blade that does wonders with food. However, for the love of Cypher, don't use a cleaver with 90 poison damage...unless you're serving this meal to the in-laws... or you may end up with more than a few cases of food poisoning and diarrhea*. Just cut the meat right into the hands of your feasters, and don't bother with plates or utensils, because tables can easily be cleaned, and let's be serious: primates have been given fingers and not opposable silverware for a reason!

    *Let me tell you from experience, this ruins the evening, especially if you were hoping to impress a certain lady friend...

    Water of bless (or water of favors for the stingy) should suffice for the non-adventurous types, but be sure to bring a keg or more of blood of wolf. Its imbibed effects are ten times more potent than the rogue's spell, and its muscle-building effects are unmatched. Plus, it tastes really really good.

    You may have noticed that the magic hammer is not used in the preparation of the food. This hammer serves a special purpose -- to exact retribution upon those who insult your cooking.

    Invite all your friends, and enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!

    3rd Place

    Oreos and Hman13


    IPB Image


    My Creation - CARNAC STEW:

    Est Time to prepare: 10 - 30 min (depending on if you scrolled or used buffs)

    Urkthron Pure Water...........................................4
    Holy Water............................................. ..............4
    Blood of wolf.............................................. ..........2
    Brain of Centaur........................................... .......1
    Tail of Lesath............................................ ..........2
    Smirdon Meat.............................................. ........5
    Kekoon gallbladder....................................... ......5
    Iron bar............................................... ................2
    Gold bar............................................... ...............1
    Green Treasure Chest.......................................1
    Magic Hammer............................................ .......1
    Cleaver(only works with +9).............................2
    Cure Potion............................................ many as you can hold on you


    Tastes best after you roll right over a paper fire mage. Use flame staff to heat up the Green Treasure Chest as well as the Iron Bar and Gold Bar; These will be your cooking containers. In the flaming hot Green Treasure Chest add 1 part Urkthron Pure Water to 1 part Holy Water and let sit for as long as you can stay stealthed. Mean while lay the Smirdon Meat (5) and the Kekoon gallbladders (5) across the two hot iron bars; The Bars will cook the meat (they are done cooking when the gallbladders turn a dark purple). Since you hopefully have Attack Scrolls, you can put your spare blood of wolfs into the Chest (2 minimum) Next Take the hot Gold Bar and Place the Brain of Centaur on it (not only will the heat cook the brain to a nice crispy consistency, the gold will melt off the bar and add to the taste of a well done Centaur Brain Crisp. Take the Tail of Lesath and pound into a powder (its not like they are used for anything now anyway) with the magic hammer. By now your smirdon meat should be perfectly smirdy and the kekoon gallbladders a rich deep purple. Assuming your daggers aren't broken (if they are this recipe will require another magic hammer) and slice'n'dice the cooked meats into small chunks. By now the Green Chest should be cooling some, so it is time to add the cooked meats and Centaur Brain Crisp, into the concoction. Stir carefully.

    Finally let the chest sit and simmer for a little more then the minor cool down and then serve directly from the green chest (because lets face it, this stuff is the best thing that has probably ever come out of a green treasure chest, because honestly Harpoons +1 don't taste very good)

    Serve with as many cure pots as you can hold, as this holiday treat will duff you faster and more often then any priest in cz. The taste will shock you more then any lightning mage every could. The texture will burn more then any personal dagger (even more then nirvana's +8) And finally the cool air you breath after swallowing a piece of this delicacy will be more welcome then a last second tp away from death.

    Same recipe as acid pots - keep away from all armor or any other articles of clothing.

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    gz i guess

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    for those who dont get it, it was an official forum event :P

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    wow kalais, official's love u :P

    gratz to all of u

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    That's cute.

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    none of this is surprising...

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    how did i know chuckie would win

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    Sorry if im out of line here....but!!!!
    If i wanted to know what was going on over in that trash nazi led log into it. But i havnt logged into it...I HAVE LOGGED INTO THIS FORUM!!!
    ko4life>official please leave it that way.

    no disrespect intended...just this is ko4life...that is official forum.

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    thats cool for them i geuss :P

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    first place was kalais's photoshopping and some other guys ability to use flash. grats

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    Fckin Chuckie won and hes a mod. wtf i hate him with sucha passion... btw i took 3rd place :P i wanted first soooooooo bad need a rof :angry:
    i did mine on powerpoint lol copy paste ftw

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    hah not suprised kalais>all in event like that ^.^

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    lol 2 bad they dont give you CS

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