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    falling what facts? We are only talking with facts.

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    lol. Facts?

    Fact 1: I can z humans in abyss. This means you are my enemy.
    Fact 2: I can cast spells at humans in abyss. Again, a sign that you are the enemy.
    Fact 3: If human is fighting a mob, I will redball him then stop. This means I will make
    the effort to get you exp'd.

    Anyone remember the time you lost 1% exp when you were pk'd in the abyss?

    Those were some fun times.. :P

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    you wrote : "in this situation the monster won".

    i know too in this situation the monster won, infact i should never attach an orc during an orc vs monster in the abyss because, as first, i respect anyone and, as second, there are so much things i can do before attacking. one for all, WAITING the attack is over and DISCUSS in a civic way, all chat or pm, to find a good compromise, or for the ppl that wanna do the owner, WAITING the attack is over and then kill him/her.
    we are not in war or cz, so i think we can do it right? i think so.
    it's my way to play but maybe im wrong. i should have to play without "cognitio causa", like an undead ya? mmm nah......this way to play does not belong to me and to all my clan members and i think also for the ppl that wanna hear :"omg do you know him? he is a gg!".
    you have your point of view......this is the mine.

    tnx man! but, you know, i give a damn if i lost exp points or get owned. it is inside the ko rules!
    i have made this post not for whining or simil. i though that among legit players and/or members from respectable clans it could be a little bit of fair play, but as you can see, i was wrong........

    it's ok kevin. but stop to flame pls. maybe here anyone knows me (or few, i'm here principally in the diez market topic lol) but in the game more ppl know who i am and how i play. you dont need to proof this here.

    +1 lol

    tnx all for your time!

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    a last thing:

    buying an eli+8 igc lol! pm me pls!

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    everywhere, form here to there


    I was in hob gobs for about 20 mins then people started showing up, i said to myself if they touch a gob i will attack them, i fallowed though. I didnt attack your clanies who were just sititng down but only you and that one retarded turk who ksed me.

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    i was doing fallen angels, there were some humans there, i provoked one, and he binded it back, so i exped him to it

    it's a pk zone technically, courtousy is a gift not a law in these circumstances

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    Originally posted by Daz`
    isnt that skil on your skill bar a lvl 70 one :S
    he gets killed everyday h43r:

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