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Top 10 PK Clans On Ares

This is a discussion on Top 10 PK Clans On Ares within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; <3[/b] Rien where the fuk do u come up with this shit? i begin to think you have wayy too ...
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    Rien where the fuk do u come up with this shit?

    i begin to think you have wayy too much free time on your hands.

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    for me now really the best clan PK in human side is DeusManus. They don`t modify team around on 2 years... and they don`t spending $$ in this game for NPs... Insomuch as we are good

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    Rien where the fuk do u come up with this shit?

    i begin to think you have wayy too much free time on your hands.[/b]
    It doesnt takes too much time to click on "favorites" then a link wich comes with this picture

    And its Rein, riazzy.

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    oh no not the pics with text thats too old >_>

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    We dont even have 3 int priests in our clan beta... we got lotus and commy and they are both not really active. So mainly we just pk with bps. As for human side most def Inferno and deus. Insomnia is bad and I really mean bad. Aiori,kewl,kimba me and someone else beat 12 of them and they had 3 fh there lol.

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    if someone other than flatline plays maybe.... although i see them now more than before xD

    its mostly vandy on flatline though 0o[/b]
    Mainly because 10of ex BadCompany members left for WoW and we&#39;re a part of same guild in WoW. The real Flatline plays WoW aswell from what i know on a different realm. But from what i&#39;ve saw on the BadCompany forums the clan has a bit of activity lately. And yeah Hostile is a pussie clan 4 life. 6 man party with 3 priests towning...

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    Let&#39;s have a discussion on the top-5 clans on each side on ares, top-5 based on how they pk, not necessarily their amount of NP, as np doesn&#39;t show skill.
    this is all regardless of items, babashopping, duping and any other crap.

    my list would be

    -perfect choice
    -bad company
    -the last

    El Morad
    -deus manus
    human clans are kinda to shit now... HostiLe honestly only pks with a minimum of 2 priests... if theres only 1 on they wont go CZ

    underground is all babashopping duping turks

    i never see siege, inferno, or a full duesmanus party in cz when i play... maybe thats just timezone

    TnT isnt really that active either as far as i know

    PerfectChoice is without a doubt the top pk clan on ares atm closely followed by Ready2Die... R2D has better organization than PC but PC has more ppl and the clan actually works to help each other out more than any clan ive been in for awhile <3 PC

    Symbiosis is also one of the top pk clans atm id have to say... the only thing that pisses ppl off about em is that they go abit over the top on accusing babashoppers etc.

    P.S. Lili, Flip sucks on all classes :P I pked better on his warrior than he did :angry: <_< :lol:

    Im happy on Pazasco now... warrior Rogue (>^_^)> <(^_^<)

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    human clans are kinda to shit now... HostiLe honestly only pks with a minimum of 2 priests... if theres only 1 on they wont go CZ[/b]

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    i remember when iwas trying to 1v1 tekton...
    i did the rutine you go through to 1v1 lik sit down...walk to them..well we start 1v1 and the muther freakers priest spamm i sit down and stuff..then when i do it again priest spamm heal...ZZZZZZZZZZZ...that was to long ago to remember what else happend..but i did get 1 1v1 and............................................... .................................................. ...........i won ^^

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    The human clans that i experience most trouble with killing atm is deusmanus and inferno when they have good parties up. The ppl who used to be powerofthekings, think they are in underground and thestorms now can be hard to kill aswell sometimes if they have a full party cuz of all the lvl 80`s and crazy items, their warriors hit me when im not duffed as much as other good equipped warriors hit me when im duffed :S
    On orc side perfectchoice is ofc, they`re pretty strong, but i dont think to many of them use vent even though they have a vent server, and also alot of them pk on buffs. I hate it when ppl start spamming like ++++++++++++ in the middle of a fight, or tp me to town for buff even though im not a buffer....
    r2d owns aswell And symbiosis is orc now aswell, they are good, but its often just a few of them pking at the same time, not that often they have a full pk party i think, and as stated earlier they dont really have any very active int priests, but still they are doing good.

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    This topic sucks sucks sucks more than vandy vandy vandy

    agreeeeeeed, and vandy is a damn flamer, just like me!

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    1. Perfect choice, R2D, Bad Company :wub:
    2. Symbiosis, deus manus, inferno, hostile, underground, siege (only 2. because i never pked with them, i believe they r all gg!!), the last, radicals and domine!! ftw

    and vandy, go surf porn sites!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    U wont see Inferno on PK to often now.
    1st - Many ppl are temp inactive cuz of last serwers instability
    2 - Exp4life atm > At last for me ( rogues do shitty dmg so i just need to make this F.. 80 )
    3 - Why to pk when wfter one scroll ALL orks are gone - maybe one or two in twon LOL and ROFL

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    Yeah we got a bit inactive when a part of our core went to WoW. Flatline3 still plays on flat, though not often and Grimystill is in the middle of a click and buy scandle, the remaining group brought in KOA. There was a bit of a break for the remaining guys whcih was MUCH needed (my God the sun is brighter these days) ANyways thanks for the mention to our clan and my list is here


    Hostile (love to styx leon so much he doesnt have the mana to heal a worm <3)
    INSERTNAMEHERE (whatever the kings decide to call themselves this week)
    DeusManus (not many full parties lately but fun to fight)
    Inferno (same as deus)
    ANYONE WHO DOES NOT TOWN/RUNAWAY/Backoff and heal then come back in during a 1v1


    PerfectChoice (because it is easy to say the number 1 clan in ares and i love vane)
    R2D (because warmen twisted my arm and said put us in your top 5)
    Symbiosis (Now they are Karus and away from illumanti so they are good people)
    Radical (they seem to play smarter than the average orc, even if they arent the strongest)
    BadCompany (Yes its my clan, they would scare me if I was a palefaced human though)

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    Why do people bitch about Hostile. I Pk with perfect choice and r2d all the time and a lot of the times we have 3 priests in party (Bp&#39;s do count). IF they choose to pk with 3 priests bla bla that&#39;s thier deal. If u had a Priest asking for party in your clan would you tell him sorry we have 2 priests in party already, no u add him cause he&#39;s your clannie. Sure if may be a little lame, but deal with it.

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