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Twiztid from Insanity is a scammer

This is a discussion on Twiztid from Insanity is a scammer within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; bump...
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    let me bet, he still isnt banned of Insanity eventho viagra got to read all this and his scamming backup history?

    how much nps did he had again? :lol:

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    nvm all the ingame names; don't expect Shane to give back anyhting.

    1-He is a manipulative persone
    2-He lies so much he believes himself
    3-He always has been a scammer and a cheater
    4-Bad tempered and whining child

    He was in fact on Cypher before and on other severs to. If you are thinking of making friends with him DONT! He will lie and make up any stories up to make u feel sorry for him or make you help him out. He will say he can "help" your char ingame and get your hopes up for better playing time. He will tell stories about his mental ward he is attending,complaining about his parents and familly issues,saying he will be dying from a desease in a few weeks.Get the point here?

    He has turned clans upside down before, ruined and put people in shady positions.
    Best advice is to stay away from this persone,he's been saying he would quit this game a long long time ago but yet he is a master in name changing,nation transfering and server hopping.

    Don't take his threats seriously,he can't hack you!
    Gm's know him very well and have recieived numerous complaints about him from more then 1 server. All they ask is good proof of his actings and they will act upon his actions.

    Don't trust anyone in a game![/b]

    his name is chase not shane

    chase when you going to give zaf the giga? -.- you dont want more posts about you <_<

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    his name is chase not shane[/b]
    Thx for reminding me,I always said the wrong name,got confused in all those names :P
    Sorry for any shane&#39;s out there that felt targeted :lol:

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    hell yeah , twiztid is still in Human-Insanity . /clap pl4zm4 for hosting this miserable excuse of humanoid.

    Everyone please contribute to our struggle to send the slut to a better/suitable place , where he cant scam anyone . (looks like the penguin is pretty pissed that twiztid scammed his fish )

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    is this logos?

    if so.... its a sad server so who cares? just be aware of the scammer on other servers...

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    His nick in this forum is waitnbleed and he seems to be playing ronark also cuz he posts there.

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    he wanted to join respect sometime ago when he quied apoc
    told us tht the giga was his
    but couple of us already knew tht it ws clan item loaned to him
    so we denied

    but its sad to see other clans supporting him
    and he still isnt kikd even after all these ppl hve confirmd tht he is a known scammer from other servers

    if insanity gona keep him then they are just encouraging/promoting scamming on the server, but not long befoe one of them will scam you guys too, coz thts how it is, once a scammer always a scammer

    zaffers i feel sorry for ur clan, u guyz r GG, i hope u get it back somehow

    Twizted is a piece of shit

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    so long story short im guessing u guys got giga elader upgraded it to +7 then lended it to this twistid dude he quits clan and takes item with him? damn that low..

    work for ur own items..

    u remind me of somone in cypher named "HairlessBiscuit" scams a roc from SeX4FuN then accuses me of buying it for 12gbs so he can get away with a clan drop that the person that was supposed to get it got fucked b/c this lil shit...

    this is the problems with clans these days u just dont know who u can trust people be joining getting tiems asking to sue them then run off with them... then when u finally give them ur trust they fuck u over....
    here is what u should do to him this dude scammed someone and got taught a fucking lesson and to think twice before scamming again...

    so fucking funny

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    His nick in this forum is waitnbleed and he seems to be playing ronark also cuz he posts there.[/b]
    omg did you read this one? -->

    :lol: thats funny ... sorry chase ^^

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