OKE here we go, ive been building up for a long biarch session about this game for ages and ive now had a gutsful.

I have been playing this game for 2 years, im definately not the best player in game, but i can damm well say im an honest player, i have brought premium in the past and have it atm, but wont be buying it again. I dont understand why everyone is moaning about all the cheats hackers and KOXP at the mo, easy fix, leave the game, i am, im over it, the gm, admins of the servers are hopeless, they ban 10 people a night and post it up in yellow writing in the chat window so people goo woohoo the gms on and doing something, but they are only there for an hour and go, big deal, maybe if they wrote a decent patch to fix a screwed up poorly written game in the first place they would stop all these arsehols cheating, i say leave the game, let them feel the reap of having no honest players and no premium and a game full of hacking cheats. USKO deserve it. They dont do anything for players anymore.

And whats with the changing of their game website, how many times it been changed in the past 6 months, theres nothing wrong with a plain looking site, especially when the time it takes to change it and work on the ideas, could have been well spent in fixing the actual game.

Over it, sick of it, cbf playing anymore, wasted way to much money on game that they should be paying me to play.
good by