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USKO already died?

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    Default USKO already died?

    Hi all, I have personally played very many servers, principally USKO, I cant deny that KO is a game that I like , with a very good pk system, addictive and fun. We had always problems with the hacks, koxpers, and poor service. But in recent months, everything is worse. Many have lost all our items, we see that in the new servers 90% of players use HF, Proboot, and others shit. Its now impossible to play, new generations of users think that using this shit is good, the service of the KO, is worse than ever. Many older players have left the game for these reasons, I have decided to leave USKO. I keep playing KO because it's a game that I love, but I will make it in private servers, which give better service and have no koxp. We are seeing the end of USKO as we knew it? , Now KO is for cheaters, koxpers, idiots, and no more for people who play the game legally, was years ago?

    I think this game is no more for players who want to have fun and play cleanly and use their skills to win or lose, but fairly. . This is the END of USKO.

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    I agree with you bro. USKO has been going down hill for a while now. I have been playing for many years and like you said it just keeps getting worse. I will join you on private servers for the simple reason that its more about skill and leveling your character up then just koxping, using HF...etc. I do feel that USKO will never really die out because they offer new players a free to play MMO. With that said I will keep my accounts and player private servers for now. You never know USKO might get better in the future, but I highly doubt it.

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    You're late

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    I thought it was impossible to play considering all the hacks, then throw in all the babashoppers and you literally have no chance if you play completely fair.

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    dude get a life seriously you r always complaining about KO just /QUIT ko . Do you really think KO gms or admins will read this and fix all those stupids bugs?
    Everything is business
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    What are the best private servers?

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