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USKO'S Patch For 2.0

This is a discussion on USKO'S Patch For 2.0 within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; ArminVanBuuren how you got 6 players ?. = min 2 accounts (rules say only 1 account per person humm...)[/b] moron ...
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    ArminVanBuuren how you got 6 players ?. = min 2 accounts (rules say only 1 account per person humm...)[/b]

    moron says "what"

    sharing accounts and having more then one account is not illegal can have as many accounts as you like and you will get cs wont get cs if you share those accounts

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    Two Nights ago on Diez during 4500 KC event, I was talking to the GM.

    He told me that rumors in 2.0 could be ---

    -All Levels Reset
    -Half Exp at 60 No Longer
    -Level Max Increased to 100
    -Masters Maybe At 70 Now
    -New Skills
    -1 New Class xD (Summoner?!?!? WTF?)
    -New Bosses
    -2 new PVP Area 0.o (10-39 and 81-100)
    -Changes For Some Classes (Minor Heal reduced to 75 Mana, More Spammable Skills)
    -More Monsters in Elmorad/Karus
    -Around 15 SERVERS!!!!!!!!!11!$31
    So wtF?! For the half exp took out, they are doing this to add more skills. If you guys didn't know, half exp is just to simulate 100 levels, but they want more skills xD so they are taking it out. 60+20=80, 80x.5=40, 40+60 = 100 xD

    So leveling in 70's will be easier.
    So I can't wait, they also[/b]
    You just committed a 5 to 10 ... <_<

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    omg ko is gonna reset our lvl. So the bible was true, the end of the world is near. lol

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    Hey, if you don&#39;t like what the GM told me, go butt rape Sullimo....asses lol xD He gave me this info in Feb 0.o I joined April 1st is just a weird coincidence. Maybe I should add he said 2.0 won&#39;t come out for a year and a half 0.o Jeez, you guys ganged me like the only girl at a naked beach....

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