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Virtual Items Thief Arrested...

This is a discussion on Virtual Items Thief Arrested... within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; If someone stole my raptor +9 id kill them too ^^...
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    If someone stole my raptor +9 id kill them too ^^

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    I have always said that scamming for USD is a whole new level then scamming in game.

    For example, if you were making an ingame trade, ROL for ROC or something. The guy cancels the trade, and re-opens it, and this time, puts a STR +2 ring instead of a ROC, and you accidentally make the trade. You cannot go to the police about it.

    On the other hand, if you sell something for USD, thats is a COMPLETELY different story, because USD is unrelated to JUST a virtual world, because USD isnt virtual. If you scam someone of USD, its EXACTLY the same as scamming someone on e-bay or stealing it from someone. K2 TOS or what, doesnt matter. Thats like saying, if you hire something out from the hire shop, and it gets stolen, the guy who stole it cannot be put into prison... BULLSHIT. Because when you play KO, and you buy IGI, your effectively hiring the items out from the K2 database; they do not belong to you. that does NOT mean to say that if they get stolen, the guy who steals cannot be punished.

    Get my point? rad_archer is actually right when he says that scammers who scam for USD on these forums deserve to be punished more then we punish them. When you scam USD, you scam someones REAL LIFE hard earned money, which they could have saved for a car, house, birthday present, new kitchen, whatever. To me, when you scam someone for USD, thats as low as mugging someone in the street, or credit card fraud, cos at the end of the day its the same thing. Not saying that scamming in game isn't as bad, but scamming for USD is a whole new level, and enters the relms of being able to be sent to prison.

    I understand why it may be difficult to compare it to a fraud in real life, but at the end of the day, scamming for money is scamming for money, and by law it SHOULD be a prisonable/finable offence

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