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what does koxp means??

This is a discussion on what does koxp means?? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; "But I didn't mean to!! My Turkish mind corrupts my thinking! Allah TOLD me to cheat! GM PLZ DON'T BAN!"...
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    "But I didn't mean to!! My Turkish mind corrupts my thinking! Allah TOLD me to cheat! GM PLZ DON'T BAN!"

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    I dont use it, I didnt get banned, I didnt know it existed, the same with my friends(or so they say), I was with them we were in the same party killing dts, and suddenly lots of anouncements of people being banned started to appeared and their names where there, at the end and anounce saying that all people who just got banned must stop playing and log off, we arent turks and my friends say they dont know anything about koxp, I believe them we are all legit players, but if they are lying and indeed used koxp they totally deserved, so what now they got banned, what is the procedure, is it forever or what?

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    they said today first offense is 30 day ban and lose 5 levels.

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    koxp is great . fuckko is free koxp i suggest u all

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    @Ravhin, probably u guys had an archer using multiple shot/arrow shower always or u guys could be all stacked up... instead of just sliding and shooting arrows!

    @ballzy. +1. I saw it to and 5 levels aint nothing for koxpers... delvl to -1 pls (minus 1. yes it's correct)

    @ugurka_xxxxxx. Koxp is indeed the greatest thing on earth. It's so tall that when u guys fall from it, u make a whole in the floor. Combining with FKO u have heaven. I hope u get banned again, and again. <- don't u guys wanna go to jap ko or so?

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