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What should I do now...

This is a discussion on What should I do now... within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; this is probably another rant discussion thing but.............. i do 4v1s and stuff all the time cuz most olympia ppl ...
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    Default What should I do now...

    this is probably another rant discussion thing but..............
    i do 4v1s and stuff all the time cuz most olympia ppl suck, and i quite enjoy them cuz i own them even tho few glitch
    however, recently, i've been seeing lots of glitchers (like 4/5 when it used to be like 2/5)
    i know all the people that use the glitching and/or the speed hack
    now, i was wondering
    is it ok if i glitch against them?
    cuz its getting rediculous.

    im so close to killing them, then they GLITCH/SPEED HACK AWAY from me
    hell, i couldnt catch up to a mage
    and a warrior caught up to me (im a rogue by the way)
    then a priest debuffs me, and catches up to me
    this is bs.

    this is one of the reasons i started to xp again, but after xp'ing for like 14 days straight, its boring.
    bosses are being ks'ed and killed by arrow shower hackers (and YES, MOSTLY TURKS)

    the only things i find 'fun' about this game since a long time ago in order of importance:
    1. PK
    2. Bosses
    3. Upgrading/Anvil

    Well, the speed hack = no fun in pk
    luring / ks / not being able to find bosses / seeing bosses die by arrow shower hackers = no fun in bosses cuz i cant find any (and yes i scout alot)
    upgrading/anvil is still fun, but we all know it can be gay and make u broke in an instant...

    what do u guys find fun about this game?

    (by the way, when its not turk time, pk is fun since theres only a few glitchers, more bosses, and upgrading DOES seem to be better during non-turk times...)

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    hmm..ok then..if u sick of that things than u should do 2 things i think..

    1st ; u get best items and this will decrease the chance of run away from u..(optimism )

    2nd ; u will start usin speed hack and catch them & kill..( i dunno olympia so i dunno the chance of ban..but dont think so)

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    1. come back diez

    :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

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    maybe /quit?. It gets more tempting everyday u see this kind of shit. And Lately I see it everywhere, even in the so called "clean" server ares zzzzz. I always knew beramus and cypher had shit loads of ppl doin it. Didnt think it would spread so quickly on ares


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