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what will become KO after 6-12 months????

This is a discussion on what will become KO after 6-12 months???? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; why i cant log in "cannot connect to FTP server...
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    Default why i cant log in

    why i cant log in "cannot connect to FTP server

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    Originally posted by Felix

    Finally the all new King system, the highest level Turk will automaticly get the king ship. at this point the national treasurecy is automatically tranfered to a Swiss bank account of the kings choice to be dispearced between his clan and E bay.

    i.....cant.....stop....laughing.......... :lol:

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    Default Re: what will become KO after 6-12 months????

    Originally posted by OLD1953+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(OLD1953)</div>
    Originally posted by dartagon+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(dartagon)

    here what it ill become

    1- change english for turk

    2- put off all classes exept archers

    3- a skill name KOSP

    4- +21 shells and +10 ib for 1m ea

    5- if u need to exp u cant cause slots are full of kosper

    6- in cz theres a human base and orc base and ONLY that

    7- and archers simply shoot ea other from base to base

    8- the beter player will be the better kosper

    9- also, auto heal auto attak, auto buff, auto shiled, auto cure in cz

    10- well if someone kill someone it will be exeptionnal cause they cant die with all the dam kosp they have

    well thats what ko is becomming, gg gm to keep this game fun and exciting.....

    May i ask how long you have been playing Ko?
    till before KE[/b]
    Then you've apparently forgotten that long period from October to December last year, and from January till April, when KOSP/KOXP was totally unchecked, we had no GM presence at all, and there were macroers at every single spawn. God knows how many of them used name change scrolls and are now "legit" players after being sold for huge prices.

    So many legit players quit during that time frame, it isn't a bit funny.

    The situation is MUCH better now.[/b][/quote]

    my computer fucked up on the first september, and my parents was telling me it was KO fault so i stop playing for 4 months and a half cause in january i got my personal computer and i continue playing runescape a lil bit, after 2 weeks i was fauking tired of it so i went on ko and i still play now. btw i restart to play ko at lvl 48 i was realllly noob

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    Originally posted by noxicus
    maybe they will create trko and all fukin turks will go there, but knowing KO that will not happen

    i saw a website called i went there but i couldnt understand anything

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    Originally posted by Dro+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Dro)</div>
    KO under K2's managment will always suck...
    It's that simple
    ur sig... can't... stop.... starring at it... h43r:[/b]
    me2 omfg...was looking at it for 30 minuts now =

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