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Whats Ur Ko GoaL?`

This is a discussion on Whats Ur Ko GoaL?` within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; My main goal was quitting in a memorable way which imo I did in november last year by giving away ...
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    My main goal was quitting in a memorable way which imo I did in november last year by giving away my last char. First 70 too on C-east .
    Also previously stated goals which have all been achieved except for the king part. Never nominated myself, it wasn't really a goal tho.
    Next goal is quitting these forums but I can't help myself, checking out new topics every few days.

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    frayed kn0t


    Goals on my Rogue:
    Reach lvl 80: Done
    Lead a fun clan that can pk and exp well: Done
    Find the best way to help my party in pk : Done
    Find my own pking style that nobody else could match: Done
    Make a pk vid: never got a chance to do
    Quit the game and become not addicted: Done

    Goal on priest:
    Push in Stools and Check Chins: Doing now :P

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    To catch them is my real test
    To train them is my cause

    I will travel across the land
    searching far and wide
    Each pokemon to understand
    the power that's inside

    Pokemon! its you and me
    I know its my destiny,
    Pokemon! Oh you're my best friend
    in a world we must defend
    Pokemon! a heart so true
    Our courage will pull us through,

    You teach me and I'll teach you,
    Pokemon! gotto catch'em all

    Every challenge allong the way
    with courage I will face.
    I will battle every day
    to claim my rightful place.
    Come with me,
    the time is right,
    there's no better team.
    Arm in arm we'll win the fight!
    It's always been our dream!

    yea i did just google for the pokemon lyrics.... the song popped into my head and i couldnt resist ok! :lol:

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    3) to understand most turks without lowering my IQ level
    3rd is a personal goal :P[/b]
    LOL hahaha

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    Wouldn't say these were goals just things i wanted to do

    1. Play every class at lvl 80 : Complete
    2. Gain a +3 unique : Complete
    3. Gain a +9 Items: Complete
    4. Make over 500k nps by myself: Complete
    5. Kill Ultima in bifrost: Complete
    6. Kill Felankor in its lair: Complete alot
    7. Kill Isiloon: Complete alot
    8. Be in top clan of a server: Complete
    9. Make of 1k usd in profits: Complete made 2k
    10. Have a good time doing it: Complete xD

    I have had a pretty good time doing all this.

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    I've completed pretty much everything there is in KO... I'm just looking for one more chance to repeat on a new server, and im outtie.

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    be remembered :lol:[/b]
    who are u? :huh:

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