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Who is IamVillager

This is a discussion on Who is IamVillager within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Sorry I'm so late to reply, I forgot about the topic And, actually, I do know shit, seeing as I ...
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    Sorry I'm so late to reply, I forgot about the topic
    And, actually, I do know shit, seeing as I am close friends with someone who shares the account
    And you can ask metalkon, as he was in the arena when I spoke with him, and saw the items for ourselves.
    I didn't say he's not gg. He has a really nice combo. If you have money, you can buy these items on cafegeveze or in moradon, no problem.

    At no point in time did I say he was a duper or anything else like that.

    But I know his items are full +3 uniques, +10 giga, and +20 chitins.

    and yes, I do know that , and yes, I have seen them[/b]
    No aba.he hasn't these items..G knows better his items because he has seen the items that villager is using cause he visited him.And i dont think that Villager showed you his items so you can be sure that he has these items.So without proofs please dont lies for someone :P

    Blacklord LeGrunt Wasabi etc werent banned for being good player they were banned for cheating[/b]
    Coolboyp2 you are again wrong because none of them were banned for cheating.Stop telling lies.
    I dont believe anyone can beat aba naked since he has improved lately and got himself even more pimped up[/b]
    Let aba talk about this. :lol: are wrong again but anyway..forget it.i guess u are mad because he killed you naked.

    Hey i didnt hate anyone from blood!! Ed :wub: Messor :wub:[/b]
    G dont afraid..Tell the whole truth.. h34r:

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    if you said that next to Zaff or Devile I think they would both hit you![/b]
    u bet i would :lol:

    anyways thats just for the giggles - myself and devile are in good terms

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    his gig is +30 reversed 0__o so he says

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