I think K2 will drop it because it won't be profitable without the farmers. Since it's inception, K2 has refused to support this game in the way it would have to be supported to grow a healthy community of gamers. It is possible they will support it through this very rough patch I see coming and wait for a new community to grow, but I kind of doubt they have that committment to KO.

Look, they paid US 76,000 for the license for old KO, and have a service agreement. Like many things that don't cost much, they don't value it like it had cost them more. (The 76K figure is from a korean trade mag that gave numbers on Mgame's operations that year)

WE all see KO as something that could have made K2 a major gaming figure. K2 officials see it as the cheapo game that somehow caught on, and they could milk it enough to buy some "real" games like warrock and global mu. They paid 26 MILLION for global mu. I FREAKING GUARANTEE YOU that Mu has better support and isn't run by farmers and USD sales.