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Will open new server soon?

This is a discussion on Will open new server soon? within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; They have to work out something to get rid of all cheating what is going on and then to think ...
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    They have to work out something to get rid of all cheating what is going on and then to think about another server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodyrain View Post
    What they should do, is wipe every server, and start fresh on all of them. It would piss a lot of people off, but if they did that, and actually attempted to ban cheaters, and be good GM's then they could be making the big bucks like blizzard. The money that K2 makes is just pocket change for blizzard. They did everything right. K2 should make this game a monthly subscription instead of buying stuff off the power store. Then people wouldn't be able to buy stuff with KC and sell it for IGC. Everyone would have to farm for their items/money. They should also make it easier to level. Make it as easy to level with about half the rates of XP premium. So you don't get 1-60 in a day. That's what i think they should do, but does my opinion matter? Nope because K2 doesn't give a fuck about anything.

    id quit game if they wiped all accounts,
    free to play was reason i still played back when i was noob (still am),
    exping to 80 is so easy now that no one should be really complaining
    and then ya say shouldn't be 1-60 in 1 day my question WHY BLOODY NOT
    and last part k2 does Mgame dont <3

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    I think they need to add more end-game material, if they had like a similar based raid system as wow(not actually raiding but the scenarious) this game would be fucking awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrspaggeti View Post
    Will open new server soon? or something ?
    im only wonderin if its is worth of starting to play at new server...even only 4 europeans

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    Quote Originally Posted by expo View Post
    Ehhh I think K2 or MGames, w/e it is, would be getting sued in every direction if that happened. So many players have invested a shit ton of money into this game.
    Thats true...but the sad part is, they're not getting sued for all the shit thats going on right now and all this time...everyone is bitching but noone did shit to try and make them change stuff...I've never bought kc nor prem, but most of players did/do and still they get their accounts mysteriously hacked and lose all their invested money, and ofc they don't get it back...
    same shit is going on in real life...every1 is bitching about the bad situation in their countries and about the government which THEY chose while sitting in their sofas and watching the news just to hear more shit to whine about...

    my point is, if we stop bitching/whining/crying and actually DO SOMETHING, it might actually work...

    ain't I a smartass

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    I think faster ko will died than opened new server

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    There is no stopping those damn botters... i think ts safe to say they will be in any big KO server... Only the private servers are really "hacker free"...

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